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ok here's my #introduction

i'm bean, you can also call me senzu. i'm non binary, 25 and pissed off about basically everything. i enjoy retro games, anime, looking at the clouds, skateboarding, writing, and being right. green anarchism, nice shit for everybody, and self actualization are what i'm about.

selfie / eye contact / dizzying handsomeness 

what the fuck did you just say vs. that’s what i thought :)

So Sci-Hub got suspended on Twitter. Would Alexandra and #SciHub be welcome on fx. @FrankSonntag

Any #MastoAdmin who would like to invite her, can find her e-mail in an HTML comment in the source of sci-hub .se/.st/.do

Just came across about #Fedilab issue from Tom. It's really sad to hear, how the community react to developers who spent countless hours for making users life easier and in return they get that kind of insults and threats. Unacceptable and not appreciated at all.

I have my sincere wishes with Tom for whatever he undertake and hope he find something useful, where at least there is respect.

Thanks again for the great work.

@cwebber Can you forward me to the people that did ActivityPub on this Mozilla VR worlds?
The are looking for a way to make work-adventure (rc3-world) instances federate and are currently looking only towards OAuth or Matrix, so pitching this to them might make sense.

The new Pixelfed website is much nicer and will include a federated forum, new documentation site, translation platform and improved instance picker.

It was a lot of work to built everything from scratch, but we'll be able to provide a better experience across the Pixelfed ecosystem for admins, developers and users!

Available soon.


One problem Mastodon may be able to solve that Twitter still hasn't is to make it easier to cross-link corrections for past tweets/toots.

See this birdsite thread for an example of the problem, where even though the author of a viral tweet would be open to posting a correction, they have no idea how to do so in a way that people will actually see (replies generally don't cut it -- too far below the fold). (or

this morning
no different
the trail of a snail

Fediverse question:
anyone knows of Chinese speaking instances? My vpn-zine collaborator @onebigear has joined our server and would be cool to help them explore federated communities closer to the east part of the world :)

@kemonine archiveteam scraped them before they went down and got ~70TB of data, including unredacted exif data and, from what I'm hearing, photo IDs

As an experiment I made a #gemini client for #android with zero dependencies that runs on any device, all the way back to API 1. Currently a single file, 178 lines long with a compiled binary of 112k.

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