@toddsundsted hell yeah!

I tried (@)liaizon@social.wake.st with and without the @ and it worked! awesome,

liaizon@wake.st doesn't work, mastodon supports short names using .well-known

my pixelfed account still doesn't work @wakest@pixelfed.social (screenshot attached)

the follow for worked good

doesnt see you, though I was able to follow you from their side

@kat thanks to this post that I had bookmarked ages ago into my "to watch" folder me and @lake watched Neptune Frost last night. was very good, though the plot line felt like it was missing some details

@peoplelikedogs hey thanks for the tag! yeah I know the scene there very well what exactly are you looking for @winterkalte? @lake is also living there but we are both in Tbilisi Georgia at the moment and wont be back till next month.

@technomancy I have no idea how far spread the pronunciation is of this word but the person I met last night pronounced it exactly like milkman with a russian accent

I updated my Surface 3 to surface-linux debian-5.19.10-1 and it didn't kill it! (but also didn't fix any of the many issues I am having) yay

@iron_bug good for you. the way this person said the word was identical to milkman

@hypolite maybe the thread didn't make it clear that I had figured out the original word didn't have anything to do with milkman, just that the way they were pronouncing it sounded as if it was the same. I guess we could call it homophonic drift?

Friendica (@news) is a very flexible Fediverse server type with lots of useful options and a Facebook-style web interface with no character limits (or at least I couldn't find one!).

Friendica lets you follow Fediverse accounts from Mastodon etc., but it also lets you follow RSS and Twitter feeds, or turn RSS feeds into Fediverse accounts that people on other Fedi platforms can follow.

There are also extra features like calendars and groups.

The flexibility does make it a bit trickier to use, but once you get the hang of it there are things you can do on Friendica that aren't possible on other Fedi server types.

There's no dedicated Friendica app, but if you have Android you can use Friendica through Fedilab (@apps), and of course it has a web interface that works on all platforms.

There's more info at friendi.ca and you can find servers to join at dir.friendica.social/servers or fedidb.org/software/friendica

#Friendica #Fediverse #ActivityPub

👆"wait so in russian you use the italian work 'milkman' to call people who love music?"

"yes (looks up etymology on phone) its from latin 'mello-mania' but we pronounce it melman"

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had a funny conversation with a Russian speaking person last night while talking about music

"I am a dj because like milkman"


"yes, yes, I am milkman"

👆"you are milkman?"

"maybe I am using wrong word, (checks on phone) oh its music lover"

👆"the russian word for music lover is 'milkman'!?"

"yes (starts laughing uncontrollably) milkman, but its not russian word originally, its italian"

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Spent some time with constraint.systems made by @grantcuster today.
Mosaic is awesome! It makes tiles of one image and uses them to built another one. I especially love to reconstruct photos using black/white high contrast blocks from text images.

when was the last time you were invited to a poetry reading?

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