Need to figure out a system to somehow have coffee before I make coffee

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I keep almost putting the electric kettle on the stove

My dream therapist grows their own vegetables, has experienced homelessness, and agrees with me that property distruction is not violence.

Just came across a instance at that I had never seen before and was surprised to see they already have >5000 users

No platform is free under capitalism if it isn't considering optimizations to work outside it or systems that depend on it (and currently, that's literally the Internet)

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the number one cause of fediverse instances getting shut down is the admin getting mad at the internet.

@thomasorus was just looking at this from hn and then loaded the fedi and saw you talking about it here

is there a good fedi bot that posts all the new pictures from mars?

@joerebelloharley was just wondering that last night! I was reading about how was pretty much the first social network and then realized it had probably been 20 years since I tried to connect to Usenet and wondered if there was still a community around it like there is for Gopher

wrote my @daily scream blogpost today! now to do it every day for the rest of the month.

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