this is a fantastic thread on what social media can be if we design it to be slower, throttling virality instead of enhancing it

"Social media platforms should run small, and slow, and cool to the touch."

we need a combination of neopets and ganbreeder. when will we have gans smart enough to combine social software together like it can with images.

🦖 M U R D E R B I R D 🦖

For all my colleagues who asked about my t-shirt today. It's a unique piece from @glitchlogos by @darius

@LilFluff suuuuper funny you just posted this. I am playing with right now and was thinking it would be great to have a text counterpart to it in exactly this type of way. mix in some markov generator type stuff it would be so fun

fuck. instagram but its 100% made of GANs recycling frames of movies mixed with peoples "personalities" is totally going to be a thing

@kaniini omg this is awesome! oh yes this will do just fine!

I have making some pretty impressive / newspapers...

@emsenn I agree there are different sets of knowledge. But this is a small set. The amount of work it would take to *teach* someone how to use a different domain to log into a different hosted email server is quite small.

@emsenn I have specifically not been doing much shit to this website cause of this very reason. Finally moved from using macOS to Linux this past month. Also seems like your trying to goat me here. I am also not the public face of ActivityPub so there is an inherent difference between me and CW

@emsenn It seems like your trying to fight with me here. I was pointing out that seeing google as a middleman to participation in this event is disappointing. I love what CW is doing and we all make compromises. just seems antithetical to what we are trying to do. but I am also responding to your CAP locks so alas I guess we are on the internet.

@emsenn having multiple people log into / share the login credentials of an already hosted email address on non hostile territory like disroot or riseup is definitely in the wheelhouse of non technical people helping organize an event. if that is too complicated how are they going to be able to help with an event like this?

@emsenn not mad just think we should be aware that our use of things like google services publicly in this way has an effect of lessening the sincerity of a movement. using a gmail account is not any easier here then using a disroot or riseup account so its really of very little benefit in this case. I would actually have less to argue about if they had posted a facebook event since its still such a huge way people find out about things.

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