I fucking love @glitches @loosenut, just wanted to say: you did a great job making it. I have seen a lot of attemts at glitch bots and most of them are really just lame filters. yours manages to make such beautiful images and also capture the essence of "glitch culture"

Been running glitch.gq for many years now. So I have seen many glitches in my life and just really appreciate your bot...

is the code open btw?

Eugen develops Mastodon by coming back to fedi every few days and asking "is this something?"

duolingo please stop gendering me wrong I know I am weird but you don't have to be such a terf about it

really like this drawing @filthykeren drew of me tonight, thinking if it works for a new profile image.

Being t) Failak is plaining whi͇k groundwighchdesst.

Photo by dallasreedy on Unsplash

@shadowfacts the fediverse is crumbling and many blame its federated nature, centralize it today or fail!

@mike @r3vlibre @ajroach42 @Alexis_Ids thanks for the info. I was just curious what would happen, I copied it from wikipedia

@muppeth @Ajz oh sick where will the test be? would love to help test it out

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