@danvpeterson @Gargron @lj_writes @chartier you can move hosts if you have an personal instance. that should be the same situation as email.

@Gargron @lj_writes @chartier email doesn't have a system for moving from one address to another but they definitely do have a way of moving the same address from one provider to another.

@spookydjinn @Gargron heres a photo of friends flinging compost onto the side of a yuppie soap store during this years trash parade

The public image of skeletons has really improved over the past few years

@bamfic For my stuff but not my body, I think I’m just going to fuck off to Berlin for a while

@gnomon damn that sounds so tasty to me I will have to find some to try.

@gnomon i’ve never heard of that that sounds really good, does it taste like cedar?

I made a pot of rice the day before I got the evection notice, while cleaning out the fridge today I discovered that it had turned into a beautiful forest

in the process of moving out I had discovered that the extension cord running behind the wall that plugged my fridge into an outlet on the other side of the studio had been entirely eaten by rats and there were bare wires that were basically touching each other already, I’m really impressed that the fridge was even functioning and not burning down my studio. Why on earth did the rats want to eat vinyl wire covering? There were much tastier things they were not eating at all.

I think this has been my longest break from the fediverse for like a year. thanks eviction.

I’m almost done moving every single thing I own three blocks away from this eviction.

happy equinox!

remember to sacrifice a landlord to Satan

Well got 4 days left on this eviction. Getting CLOSE but still have a shit load of things to move...

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