@akkartik @neauoire this is a very good metaphor and one that I had not seen before. I wonder how to get this metaphor to catch on more widely.

This document is intended for use asa test specification for RCC.71RCS Universal Profile Service Definition Document v1.0[GSMA RCC.71UP-SDD]. This test specification can be used for end-to-end testing over both User-to-Network Interface (UNI) and Network-to-Network Interface (NNI).


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@nasser I feel like I probably got it wrong and its not called a Fez in Arabic but I don't know what it would be called

@eris @eris can you implement a fez option for @nasser so their profile icon can wear a fez on a fez?

I am really rather surprised no one is talking about here on the fediverse. It is a mainstream attempt at huge scale federation across the world and they already have an implementation of E2EE (well the google goons do at least)

I assume the whole standard is probably horrid and based on some asinine XML or something but regardless people should be talking about it here since its in our "federated territory" or whatever you want to call it

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Hey has anyone on the fediverse done much research on RCS Universal Profile? Would like to understand it more and it seems hard to get the real lowdown without a ton of marketing bullshit or weird telco lingo I don’t know.

@pixelfed hey this is a great update! really awesome to see pixelfed keep churning these out

@eris made some new ears for a nice plugin that adds stuff to your avatar. It even works with remote accounts (on their local representation) I honestly think that weird features like these are what seriously differentiates the from any of its "mainstream counterparts" cause little experiments like this even have the possibility to happen. (this started as misskey feature but I think its great to see it implemented in other parts of the fedi)

@technomancy wow this is super interesting just read the first half of the Wikipedia page. It’s incredible how much information can be hidden from us in plane sight

this is tiny and looks weird blown up, its like the size of a matchbox...

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I am not a lenin stan in anyway but this is a damn beautiful illustration

what if you could scroll a website and now have it hijack the damn screen x.company

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