@fedinews @sean glad to see this fedi news account start posting stuff

@gcrkrause @foreverxml how is your liberapay connected to your bank? cause if its just connected to paypal only then it still charges this fee

putting skinny jeans over moroccan long underwear should be considered a hard science, definitely the most difficult thing I did today

@hyde @ademalsasa you would think that should be a prominent on their website with them using a name like Libre Computer

@ademalsasa hadn't seen this, thanks for posting. I cant figure out if these are actually open hardware. It doesn't seem like it is, so its sorta fucked up for them to use that name...

@entreprecariat @penpot @clayton thanks for posting this, just ended up listening to the whole thing. Glad to hear the history of Penpot. I didn't realize there was VC money involved in it at all.

@meeper how do you refer to the fedi/fediverse when writing in hindi?

@malte glad you posted this I had been meaning to ask again when this was happening

@meeper have you found much of a hindi speaking population on the fedi?

TIL that @CollaboraOffice recently brought to iOS. Currently testing it out. It's pretty rough so far but really glad to see its being worked on...

Hello new punk house members. If you need an invite code to invite a Montreal punk friend, send me a DM. Si vous avez besoin d'un code invite pour ton ami.e envoie moi un MP! 🤝

"Cyberspace. A consensual hallucination experienced daily by billions of legitimate operators."
William Gibson, 1984, Neuromancer

We raised 476.58€, to reach our target we still need 200€! 20 people giving 10€ would already enough, please consider a donation if you can effort it to enable @Sbarry8520 to rebuild their families house!

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hey @gcrkrause, @foreverxml sent me the donation through Liberapay and I will transfer it to you! I just hadn't yet in case anyone else wanted to donate via Liberapay and I will send it all in one go since Paypal is charging 1$ each time I make any transaction now.

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