@am this is the prettiest pleroma theme I have seen

I needed a little calendar utility that only supported simple plain-text events, so I built one in C89.

@bamfic you don’t think that will be potentially changeable in the future when there are riscV processors available? Everything else says it’s open source about this project.

Okay who will be the first FOSS conference to stream via the newly updated #peertube ?!

We wanted alternatives, we supported it, now we need to use it.

Make your mark on history, I dare you;)

#streaming #foss #opensource #conference #activitypub #fediverse #alternatives

@noellabo I see! thanks for the explanation! I was playing with fedisearch.com and came across your post

this morning watching my home timeline and notificitations, seeing what folk are making, working on, and what are they thinking aloud about, it just made me feel so grateful for this amazing company of creative and curious and diverse peoples. fediverse network and software enables and allows this, but the good vibe is made by you, each individually. i'm humbled and in awe. thank you!

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