@palomakop people have been telling me for a while but I didn’t get around to installing til now!

@jordila I am following an account on a drupal instance and see their posts so I can see it’s real

@NicolasConstant no sadly only an anglophone, but I am not afraid of other langues and I follow lots of people that dont post in english and just use translators alot

@NicolasConstant no I just thought the image looked interesting, what should I know about it?

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Logiciels libres au 75

Après l'ERG, Saint-Luc et la Cambre, c'est au tour de l'école le75 de mettre en place différents outils libres. Au menu: une instance de BigBlueButton pour la gestion de cours en ligne, une instance de Nextcloud pour le partage et l'édition de documents et une instance d'Etherpad pour l'écriture collaborative.


So I was looking for an unrelated file and I found it in this old zine archive on blogspot. In the sidebar the author of the blog has listed (in french) that they have everything they have ever scanned for download on and I remembered I hadn't tried to get that app installed in years. I just installed Nicotine+ through and its freaking hopping! So much good stuff that would be impossible to find anywhere else. Anyway the first thing that successfully downloaded was this epub.

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This isn't strictly related to the Fediverse, but if you're interested in decentralised social media you might want to try the peer-to-peer @manyver_se at:


It doesn't have any servers, users connect directly to each other, and store personal data on their computer or phone.

It's part of the Scuttlebutt network, and is an attempt to make it more user friendly for non-technical people.

#Manyverse #Scuttlebutt #SSB

I read your blockchain article last night at 3am while I couldn't fall asleep @cwebber. It was very good and something I actually really had been waiting for someone to write. Your writing style is also very clear and I was impressed with how thoroughly you covered all the points I was waiting to be covered. Just wanted to say thanks for putting your work out there.

a scan of my mother Lyx Ish
printed in photoStatic 9½, 1985

📄 psrf.detritus.net/pdf/p9h.pdf
(full @zine download)

I totally forgot that google had a hierarchical directory based on dmoz back in the day. here is their category

@Commander1024 what are these photos taken with? really lovely

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I just successfully fixed one of my Xbox One controllers. The LB-button was not responding reliably anymore. Not a complex repair job, but not a shabby one either..

Wow the inventor of JSON is on the fediverse! Hey @douglascrockford glad to see you here!

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#followerpower Sysadmin timeline:

Do you have experiences with ZFS replication and native encryption, and could help out with:



Possibly @sheogorath @stk @cjd @charly @jdaviescoates @peter @_O @Johan @snopyta @IndieHosters @libreops @comzeradd @liaizon @mrchrisadams

Or maybe you know someone who does?

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