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using carbon paper for very basic duplication. you can transfer stuff on cardboard etc very easy, but without a Hectograph machine, it takes some time to redraw all the lines manually …

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@gavcloud this is so fucking good. I think my fav thing you've released in a bit

@SuricrasiaOnline this message is so important and I think about it all the time..

hot take: just because "someone did it first" doesn't mean that an idea can't be explored a second time in media.

in some cases, the same goes for "someone did it better." before making a statement like that, it's good to ask if this piece of media is exploring the idea in the same way or for the same reasons. just because it was't as good, that doesn't mean it is unnecessary.

@uxintro it can also stand for retoot sadly. I have seen people using it natively as such.

@sikkdays I think there is a lot of potential in screenshot sharing that is not currently being utilized. there is no reason we couldn't automatically encode the url to the original post in the screenshot. or even the original textual content getting added as a little qr code image on the bottom of the screenshot that then gets "read" by other apps to give the post some context like turning it back into real text etc

@Korsier so you don't have to click on this link, here is a comic that explains it quite well.

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