the number one cause of fediverse instances getting shut down is the admin getting mad at the internet.

is there a good fedi bot that posts all the new pictures from mars?

"Net is an old word in the language. The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) finds hnett, among other forms, in Old English gospels. Consonants clusters beginning with h were very common in Old English. Ring began as hring, loaf started out hlaf, and nut was originally hnut before we lost those initial aspirations."

Do you personally pronounce @gnome:

If I were in control of Pleroma, I would prioritize this:

A web worker that queries posts from the fediverse with the same hashtag as local posts

Pleroma has a discovery issue. It should not be so impossible for me to find posts that contain #minipainting or #OtherNicheHashtag, regardless of what server they’re on. Hashtags are absolutely useless as is for smaller servers

Aperçu dans une publicité sur le site d'un grand journal ce matin.

C'est bon on peut dire qu'on est dans la dystopie maintenant ?

"What memes are able to do is something that religion has exploited for thousands of years: Mold people into carriers of language viruses using symbolism and hyperstition."
via by @nyx

I am riding a somewhat clumsy elephant through the woods myself, but its trusty enough to get me somewhere. Where that somewhere is, who knows.

lol I guess my name is probably in the Gab leak cause I had a test account to try out their federation...

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