so 2022 is something like this maybe? ґ⌵∧

The Bibi-binary system for numeric notation (in French système Bibi-binaire, or abbreviated "système Bibi") is a hexadecimal numeral system first described in 1968.

jan 16th 2022 gan

ruDALL-E/Looking Glass 1.4 trained on Miguel Vasquez's 3d art

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was watching the intro video to and was surprised to see as a default app!

Uxn programs are usually just a handful of bytes, represented as little sprites, they look like these little tiles.

I've been wondering if you had come across interesting human-readable systems to encod binary data? Something along the lines of Urbit's names/glyphs, maybe some sort of qr code(non-ascii encode).

It has to possibly store about a thousand bytes in a single picture/icon/text/song.

Send anything relevant to analog data storage that is not listed on:

was surprised Mamman Sani didn't have a wikipedia article so I started one. Realized I have never started a article and didn't realize it needs to be somehow approved first. If anyone wants to help its here

#fdroid bubble: Anyone with a repository out there (@IzzyOnDroid ?) ready and willing to package tooot ( , "A simple yet elegant mobile app client for Mastodon." Works with some #friendica instances too. And goes a bit unnoticed over here.

jan 13th 2022 gan

"humans are wired for connection | a home under construction from the inside looking out into the back patio in the colorful style of Gustave Dore" a mix of two prompts I saw other people post on twitter

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jan 12th 2022 gan#thingaday

training looking glass on images of boxes of cigarettes and making asemic cig packs

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thinking about what a fediverse take on tradable objects could look like. with none of the monetary part. just like: eugen gave wakest a cat. and then I can have a list of things other fediverse users gave me. and I could regift that cat to someone else and it would still have the trail of previous owners. I know there is a lot of nestalgia for neopets and pokemon type games where you socially collect things. and watching the nft space drama the fuck out I am curious if parts could be salvaged

Nitter/Invidious/Bibliogram but for Duolingo

the reveal! the post hole digger is waiting on me finding some oak poles so that will have to wait till the future

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looking glass making sick kaiju from the small amount of training data I gave it. pretty awesome how well Looking Glass works

jan 11th 2022 gan#thingaday

trained looking glass on images of kaiju figurines and have been running it since last night, this one is upscaled a bit

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I'm putting myself on the spotlight here, but now that Popcorn Time's gone, who's interested in working on a similar torrent client with an even higher level of feature-polish?

It'd be a simple and efficient distributed media streaming client powered by BitTorrent.

The primary purpose wouldn't be copyright infringement, but such a system's usage can't be restricted.

I have some specific ideas for the whole system, but they won't fit in one toot.

#torrent #movies #dev


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