Tiny Mining Sweatshop at V2_, Lab for the Unstable Media, Free #workshop in #Rotterdam 19/20 March 2020

"During the inaugural Tiny Mining sweatshop, participants will collectively and practically explore the potentials for exploration and extraction. We will devise and document experimental protocols for improving yields and facilitating the testing and extraction of #metals and #minerals from within the human #body. We will explore the ethical and political implications of the negotiation of individual #mining rights and claims and encourage the construction of alternative belief systems, facilitating the adoption of Tiny Mining as a widespread cultural practice."

more info: tinymining.me 1010.co.uk

booking: please contact m@1010.co.uk

I started using again and wanted to start a thread here for people to share their keys.

I am @VUXqH/zofAP4WYNnUFjfc8gBU6kJ6jlBe2I9VC6NVTk=.ed25519

Share your keys as a public reply below so other folks here can follow you.

It is time for a new special issue of the Pervasive Labour Union zine! This issue, prepared by the collective Precademics 85.42.1, brings experiences of precarity in Greek academia to the fore.

"This is an attention-seeking act of Greek academic unions to make public and visible the precarious conditions they find themselves in. Far from being an academic aporia by our Greek colleagues, this is the past and future of academia itself." Leandros Kyriakopoulos


watching youtube videos about old hardware and remembering how excited I was when I first got a laptop with a PCMCIA drive

wow my TL is all and people telling each other to fuck off today

always vaguely hilarious when you do something weird with text and html/css and the text is still selectable and copy/paste-able

a project partially free-open source is like a food partially vegetarian....

hey @adidal, saw your post on discourse.joinmastodon.org/t/u

this is an issue I have been trying to get people to look at for years. There is tons of issues dealing with on the fediverse. Would love to get some progress on this.

Subway tooter estas la unua apo ke havas libro marko

So subway tooter is the first app to have the book mark function

@neauoire so psyched you submitted these! so the person who I am collaborating on this Zine with is name is Mouza, and today we went and got tattoos here in Dubai. They wanted to get something I made so they ended up choosing an #asemic piece that I did. Asemics if your not familiar are like a conlang with no sense or semantic meaning behind it.

an old portrait that captures me quite well
taken by @nippyminaj :instagram:

Endre Tót also made these zero demonstrations in 1980 0.0

From exhibition catalogue:
Endre Tót, Zer0 makes me glad sad mad, Wohlrab Verlag, Berlin: 2018

#art #mastoread #read #book #zero

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lost glove
(it was attached to a fence and I nearly missed it walking too fast)
#frgmntscnr #lostfootage #fragment #art

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