Mental Health Reminder: listening to loud ass music on your headphones and going for a walk is good

I didn't realize LibreServer was the same thing as FreedomBone till just now @bob

Second awesome looking floss audio app I learned about this week!

There are over 162,960 events listed on and now over 80 instances listed on!
:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

Hi all!

My name is David. I'm from Ann Arbor Michigan. I love to make music and I love writing software to make music and art. I typically feed myself by working as a software developer for others but am currently taking some time to focus on other projects. I'm hugely inspired by people making independent art and tools. I love the culture and aesthetic of Algorave but I've never been to one. I have just migrated here from and I'm excited to be on a more art focused instance.

With the #CouchSurfing article trending on Hacker News now, the @ohn folks have posted a link to #OpenHospitalityNetwork website.

If you don't know OHN, be sure to check it out. It is one of the cooler #ActivityPub projects with lotsa potential to bring multiple HospEx platforms to the #Fediverse

Today I leaned about @ohn (Open Hospitality Network) and their mission to make federated floss alternative to things like CouchSurfing and AirBnB. Give them a follow!

Nice to see interest in Open Hospitality Network right now!

Feel free to join our chat over at 💬

The city of #Magdeburg, Germany, has recently opened a public tender and has asked companies to hand in their biddings for a possibly 100% #OpenSource #school IT solution. I am considering to hand in a quote for #DebianEdu. Are there #Debian admins here on the Fediverse that can imagine joining into this effort as part of the team? If so, please get in touch! Thanks!

a sweet little video about leaving youtube for and the by @craftykat just made the front page of hacker news:

We made it! Immers Space is a real cooperative. With guidance from @camille and Sarah Kaplan, we've got a great model for shared power between workers-owners, users, and creators in the metaverse, and we even got to organize under Illinois's new Worker Coop law. We can now, as @ntnsndr likes to say, "show us your bylaws"

And thanks to @humanetech for starting a discussion about this on another part of the fediverse:

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