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Firefox has a new command line parameter, --kiosk, that opens Firefox in fullscreen mode. 17 year old requested feature, available in nightly, for now.

Image from page 157 of "Human conduct; a textbook in general philosophy and applied psychology for students in high schools" (1918)


Next version of #Kdenlive is gonna rock and the best thing is you can be part of it. Join us and help build the best free video-editor in the world 💙🎦

#kde #qt #cpp #videoediting #artwithopensource

Still 11k active installations of the really outdated free version on Google Play.
I read some misleading messages. Google removed the free version due to donation links. Remove means you can't even find it in your library though you downloaded it. That has nothing to do with a personal choice ;)
To this 11k users, please, go on #Fdroid to get last updates for free.


I wrote a script to find out from which instances the accounts I'm following are and of which platform types these instances are. It uses the list you can export from the Mastodon settings. Platform detection is ugly and probably buggy but I don't know how to do better, if you have any tipps let me know. Also, there are way more platforms I should include!

#Fediverse #Mastodon #Pixelfed #Pleroma #Friendica

I am not an :flan_kraken1::flan_kraken2::flan_kraken3::flan_kraken4:​ but it would be pretty cool to be one someday

been trying to blog my daily listening habits over here: @wakest, its a instance that you can follow from the fediverse. Been doing it for a week now but just looked at the views and they are all around 0.

Garden Path 66133392

an acid derivative of cellulose

nitrate and camphor; used in e.g. motion-picture and X-ray film; its use has decreased with the development of nonflammable thermoplastics



your cert expired on matt.writefreely.dev/

also how can I figure out who my 17 followers are on @wakest?

is it exposed anywhere like even a /json or something?


Greta Grotesk is a typeface in homage to the teenage activist’s handwriting | It's Nice That


AuroraDroid – FOSS app store for Android:


– It is compatible with F-Droid repos, and comes with many more repos by default.
– Its UI is similar to AuroraStore (another app to access Google Play without Google Play Store).
– Available on F-Droid, or via GitLab (gitlab.com/AuroraOSS/auroradro).

#auroradroid #fdroid #android #appstore #alternative

Just published an article on my company's blog about securing direct message in Mastodon with Tanker:



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