I’m not sure what’s going on but I’m getting a ton of new followers today. Where are they coming from?!

looking for a link or original url for the "HyperStatic Data-base HyperCard Stack"

imagine an alternate universe where instead of the internet being build on .html it was built on .pdf 🎈

fsf.org/news/rms-addresses-the I was hoping we might get a bit more self reflection then this but sadly the tone-deaf-ness goes much deeper. glad to see the Assembly trying to step up

"Perhaps more than any theory any discourse I most wonder about the real life dynamics of how poets on this list who either have children or are in everyday contact with children breath their own poetic sensibilities onward thru their children. & by drift & by deriv� maybe posters could tag the nonadult headcount in their households. Miekal who co-creates with 9 year old son Zon Wakest first began when he took on the Mac SE at age 1 1/2." -@memexikon

"What I do for variable spacing, & this is a hack if I ever heard of one,
is tiny transparent gifs of different pixel widths. You can easily
create a small catalogue of a couple different sizes & paste in the
image tags in whatever combination necessary to give you the spacing
needed." - @memexikon
Sat, 11 Jan 1997 writing.upenn.edu/epc/poetics/

getting targeted ads for this beautiful keyboard and I’m like ok I don’t actually mind thanks

worklouder.cc is its website

Woah I just discovered that you take any collection (of audio) on archive.org and subscribe to an rss feed version of it in a podcast player/podcatcher!

heres a rss link for the one I just tried with if you want to try yourself archive.org/services/collectio

found a random audio cassette on archive.org (with the metadata not transcribed) featuring Woody Vasulka


though its also on discogs.com/Various-Tellus-The thought @palomakop might enjoy. I really like the cover art...

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One of the most curious things about White's 1973 post is when it's talking about what happens when hosts on the ARPANET change their name/mnemonic. It is eerily similar to discussion on the fediverse about account migration and/or instance migration!

"It seems to me necessary that a host have the option of changing its host name. [...] I think I understand some of the unpleasant implications [...] but it seems necessary nonetheless."

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I just discovered randomly that there is someone who shares my first name (Zon, which is for Liaizon) who worked with Bob Moog and also released an album the year I was born, and then later released some work with a person who also released a bunch of music by my parents


hey @onan is the "J.R. Bob Dobbs and the Church of the SubGenius" movie available to watch for free anywhere? I saw it was listed to watch for "free" on VUDO but when I clicked it it asked me to login with my Walmart account lol

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