wired: no gods
inspired: no masters
compiled: no celebrities in floss

This is an ominous time. Napster is long dead. Aaron Swartz, too. Software is bad, but it doesn't have to be. From BitTorrent to Mastodon, distributed systems leverage the power of many to astonishing effect. Among archivists, pirates reign.

learning arabic on duolingo:

"hee-ah-france-ee-ah" means "she is french" which is awesome

Thanks to @Thib support for #XMPP URIs got merged into mastodon a few days ago. This should make linking to external discussion channels and moving a conversation to a E2E encrypted chat a bit easier on the fediverse:

Need to submit a bio photo, what do you think? I have always loved this photo of me by @palomakop

"You can now post to gup.pe from . Today, I think it's important to ensure this kind of compatibility in order to be able to start Fediverse Exploration with Misskey." -@noellabo

I fucking love @glitches @loosenut, just wanted to say: you did a great job making it. I have seen a lot of attemts at glitch bots and most of them are really just lame filters. yours manages to make such beautiful images and also capture the essence of "glitch culture"

Been running glitch.gq for many years now. So I have seen many glitches in my life and just really appreciate your bot...

is the code open btw?

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