> markets Mastodon to Tumblr users
> gets upset when Tumblr users want rich text formatting, a key feature of Tumblr

I had more fun on the fedi when I was posting from M.S cause I had 1.5k followers. It took a long time to get that many. I need to interact with more strangers on a regular basis.

@liaizon "Recently, when I logged into the Mastodon instance sunbeam.city I found a photo of someone’s blooming spider plant next to a conversation about the consequences of ethical transparency in hierarchical systems. It struck me as the quintessential early-Internet experience."

well, this is a very good description of the fediverse. :)

I started skimming it and then got caught up on the author confusing the term IndieWeb with things that aren't really the IndieWeb. I guess I should read the article but I sorta just want to keep reading people shit posts about rich text.

Sitting here procrastinating things I want to do. I guess I should stop and just do the things.

everyones shitposting about rich text not paying attention to this article in the New Yorker about the fediverse!


I don't think many folks here in the English speaking side of the fedi know about (juick.com) but its another part of the that is already federating. I just discovered that they are also open source and the code is all available at x.juick.com/Juick/ licensed under AGPLv3.

@Gargron Would love to see some colored fonts like red, etc.

looks like someone hacked the slashdot bot at twitter.com/slashdot/ thats also bridged to here at @Slashdot

Would you enjoy differently-sized headings, blockquotes, code blocks, bullet point lists and other rich text features in toots on your home feed?

(Screenshot follows in next toot)

so you know how i've been warning y'all that any secure communication platform that's installed from a corporate app store is vulnerable to the state subverting that corporation, even if we assume the corporation is benevolent in the first place?

trump has now, by *executive order,* forced a major american corporation to lock out a single manufacturer's entire range of devices from all of its services. huawei devices can no longer use any google services, at the command of a one murderous sociopath in the oval office. not congress, not the FCC - the president, alone.

that vulnerability is no longer hypothetical.

Wait so where will GNU Social git move to!? No one is saving git.gnu.io?

So, Mast 1.7.0 has now been submitted to the App Store and should hopefully be available over the coming day or so. In the meantime, I've got the change log here if you'd like to give it a read: thebluebird.app/post/mast-1-7-

Thanks! :)

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