#Bitwarden jsut introduced emergency access. This allows someone, in case of emergency, to either view or take over your Bitwarden account after a given amount of time.

This will ensure, that your relatives can access your accounts and perform actions like inform the Fediverse that something happened or probably more important, access critical accounts or cancel memberships.

In worst case, it also allows them to even evaluate all digital heritage you left behind.

In just three years, our #REUSE initiative has successfully changed #licensing practices of at least over five hundred projects. From its adoption by NGI0 projects to a Corona Warn App to @kde , 2020 marks another successful year of this campaign. We used the chance to speak with Andreas Cord-Landwehr about REUSE adoption in the KDE community.: fsfe.org/news/2020/news-202012

♲ @gergelyszekely@poddery.com:

PeerTubeify: On #YouTube and #invidious, displays the same video on #PeerTube, if it exists.

For example, you can try this cool #firefox #addon with the beautiful blender #video Spring: www.invidio.us/watch?v=WhWc3b3… gitlab.com/Ealhad/peertubeify

Maybe someone can help with this:

Pleroma does not have a Wikipedia article at the moment. There was a draft, but it was rejected, see here. It seems that the main issue was that there was no reliable third party source in that article. Pleroma was featured in issue 9/2018 of Nikkei Linux, so that could probably be added, see https://mstdn.maud.io/@ryecroft21/100511754096211027.

If anyone knows how wikipedia works and wants to help get this article in, this would be much appreciated!

Is there still a leftist Indian part of the fediverse or did it die off?

This article about the CIA funding of privacy software is pretty good. I just came across it today even tho it’s old it has some info I hadn’t seen that we should all familiarize ourselves with.

if i hosted a mastodon twerk off who would compete against me real talk

Finally an article that mentions Mastodon on Techcrunch, not as positive as one would hope but hey, I'll take what I can get. I think there's one good quote from me in there.


Nyxt is a keyboard-oriented, infinitely extensible web browser designed for power users. Conceptually inspired by Emacs and Vim, it has familiar key-bindings (Emacs, vi, CUA), and is fully configurable in Lisp.


Pretty much exactly a year ago I started my course at the FabAcademy. Today I mounted the last keys, and next week I am presenting my final project!

The keyboard looks amazing, now all that's left is actually use it ;)


I continue to think that we need local networks of trust which develop trustworthy relationships with other similar networks. Federation but of life needs, not just social messages.

Are you somebody who might have some interest in building bots, overlays or add-ons on top of #owncast? We’re working on our first 3rd party APIs and would love for people to test, experiment and provide feedback. Let me know!

Sup, nerds. Wanna buy some software on floppy disks? Of course you do. That's why I'm selling msync, my command line mastodon client, on floppies! I have builds for Linux, OSX, and Windows ready to ship.

And if floppies aren't your thing, I have these lovely Office of Consensus Maintenance stickers, too.

I accept orders by internet, fax, and mail.


i like the idea of spaces that carve out priorities, not to exclude but to care with focus

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