I feel like I’m shadow banned on the fediverse lately lol it’s been so quite here in interactions

correlation, does not in fact, equal causation

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who is good at API scraping? Should I use Postman?

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📖 “A Business Office in Open Air”

“Roger Babson and his staff work in the open air. As the thermometer often drops below the zero mark, the office force must be heavily clothed. The heavy woolen mittens make it impossible to operate the machines with speed, so two curved sticks are provided with which the keys are depressed. Good speed is thus attained.”


"The URL for the massive e-commerce site Alibaba, for example, is 1688.com, pronounced “yow-leeyoh-ba-ba”—close enough! Those digits can just as often have individual meanings. The video sharing site 6.cn works because the word for “six” is a near-homophone for the word “to stream.”"

📄 newrepublic.com/article/117608

I sent myself these photos in 2012 from this app called InstaCRT and for some reason they suddenly showed up as unread in gmail today

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Cabal, the open-source & p2p group chat I've worked on with friends, is in a quadratic funding pilot experiment run by Open Collective!

What that means for us, as an example: for every 10 USD donated, we get a total of 83 USD

boosts appreciated 🖤

Hands off !

"the Berlin Regional Court decided that Köpi has to be evicted."
via instagram.com/p/CP8ZUpYnxin/

remembering that vanilla [insert noun here] now means plain but that vanilla is actually a super exotic flavor that is super hard to cultivate

the weird holes wikipedia lets you fall in. I really like the idea that mermaids have duck feet tho

somehow adding two ## seems like it should not make something a hashtag. I guess the propper markdown heading would be ## with a space tho so meh

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# something behind your ears

In the Middle Ages, most people could neither read nor write. But they still had to sign contracts. Often it was about drawing boundaries between properties. Witnesses were needed to ensure that these verbal contracts were also valid in court. As a "reminder", these witnesses were pulled by the ears or even slapped. Because people remember what is associated with pain particularly well.

mittelalter-kontor.com/cms/red (translated from German by google translate)

this wikipedia page has a ton of leads on it, though its pretty badly written with a ton of cringey sentences. en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hijra_

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My gosh! Sure, I read the announcement earlier, but this is really cool to actually browse. Great implementation! write.as/themes/

Nudged by @maxvel. :)

@nasser started this incredible thread about the translation of LGBTمجتمع الميم mujtamaa al-meem


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