Here I am, finding myself suggesting to that they add HyperCard to their game engines ;)

I just realized I watched the whole first season of Fleabag with my ear pods in backwards!

Just started watching a new series called , its very good far.

513,998 accounts
+4 in the last hour
+1,664 in the last day
+14,150 in the last week

@Gargron Could you send us the optimal requirements to cover the needs of a node for 1 million users? According to your measurements, of course! Thanks in advance!

Looking through my old tumblr likes. Brings back memories of another time...

The president of Venezuela, @Nicolas_Maduro just joined the fediverse!

So Venezuelans apparently massively joining .social after several government figures got banned on twitter.

Maduro the first head of state on the fediverse?

@Gargron well, if you are the creator of this, you are going to fall behind, because the president of the bolivarian republic of venezuela is putting this website as an alternative to switch from twitter to this guy MASTODON ... fast work because we are more than 33 million of Venezuelans

LIKELIKE Online is open!
Play bitsy games and hang out with friends and strangers.

Is this the future of game exhibitions?

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