we need a combination of neopets and ganbreeder. when will we have gans smart enough to combine social software together like it can with images.

I have ganbreeder.app making some pretty impressive / newspapers...

"Now imagine being a non-native English speaker brought up on an all-you-can-eat regime of cultural imperialist dishes but outside of the y'all-o-sphere. Should we follow down the 'Ow my balls' rabbit hole or just bifurcate?"


I wish machines were designed like this still. I want a laptop to take design inspiration from this baby.

some strange follow spam today. I guess they meant it as a 'joke' or an 'ejko'?

So the Gab fork of Tusky is actually number ten on trending in the play store. Just downloaded to see and all they changed is the name and logo, though they did give propper credit in the about screen which is more then I can say for Librem Social

I bought some cookies and sitting here eating them jn bed I looked at the package: butter keks?!

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