So I was looking for an unrelated file and I found it in this old zine archive on blogspot. In the sidebar the author of the blog has listed (in french) that they have everything they have ever scanned for download on and I remembered I hadn't tried to get that app installed in years. I just installed Nicotine+ through and its freaking hopping! So much good stuff that would be impossible to find anywhere else. Anyway the first thing that successfully downloaded was this epub.

a scan of my mother Lyx Ish
printed in photoStatic 9½, 1985

(full @zine download)

Stephen Perkins posted this photo he took from his archive.

[from left to right]: mIEKAL aND (@memexikon), Malok, Lloyd Dunn, Lyx Ish (my mother)

anyone know how do deal with this annoying error with the sleep manager on ?

"Picknick the hills of "
photo by Konstantin Prishep, May 3, 2015

(with @palomakop and myself in the frame)

this was my logo for a long time but I sorta wanted to update it

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has a weird squiggly circle generator which is something I was actually looking for ages ago.

we still don't have this damn feature on our phones and its 2021

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I was at the thrift store with some friends last night looking for routers to do mesh networking stuff with and came across one of these, I didn't end up buying it but I was very tempted.
The Electrodex Plus by Rolodex

@wakest @NGIZero logged back in after a while and just noticed I did indeed get a notification there

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