duolingo please stop gendering me wrong I know I am weird but you don't have to be such a terf about it

really like this drawing @filthykeren drew of me tonight, thinking if it works for a new profile image.

hey @bob I just noticed I am not getting any of your new posts on this side

screenshots of that I see vs what you're posting

my lessons on
this week. I wish this showed more data about what exactly the graph represented but it is indeed encouraging to see it progress.

follow me if you have an account there and want to see our names on the friend scores list duolingo.com/profile/wakest

so ready for open source duolingo...

my father in 1981:

"from Pyramidology of Humanness, the first performance work Lyx and I did in 1981. A seven day performance, the event for this day was at a house gallery in Madison where we installed a walkthru book in 3 or 4 rooms of the gallery" -@memexikon (reposted from facebook.com/10158199342622112)

going through this archive of family photos I found in the trash and thinking about the concept of “metadata”

anyone wanna scan all these and upload them to “the cloud” for future generations?

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