"What memes are able to do is something that religion has exploited for thousands of years: Mold people into carriers of language viruses using symbolism and hyperstition."
via nihil.nyxus.xyz/posts/cyber-ni by @nyx

My father @memexikon sent me three fig trees from Wisconsin and they were dormant and leafless when then arrived. Since bringing them inside they have grown quite impressive foliage. I think they are happy in their new New Orleans home.

"Darwin and the geologists had already established that the entire surface of the earth and everything that crawls upon it is a living fossil record, a memory bank rigorously laid down over unimaginable aeons and sealed against introspection; churned and reprocessed through its own material, but a horrifying read when the encryption is broken, its tales would unfold in parallel with Freud’s, like two intertwining themes of humiliation."
📄 readthis.wtf/writing/a-brief-h

"Naming is hard. Names, after all, are perhaps the most indelible artifacts of the product creation process. Brands are redesigned with regularity and codebases are continually rewritten and replaced but a name, for better or worse, usually sticks."
📄 guide.onym.co

"Having rejected the absurdity of intellectual property, the autonomous regions will be covered by a near total mesh network like an electronic circulatory system."
🌱 c4ss.org/content/54188

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"As glaciers melt, wildfires rage, and government services fail, we imagine more and more of us will recognize the need to decentralize power to push back against this dystopian chimera"
🌱 c4ss.org/content/54188

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@mike implemented this "known instance view" in Zap thats quite nice, its like a decentralized version of fediverse.network (which is still down)

"Is there a working group talking about vocabulary or interop with other federated networks (/#XMPP)?"

Matthew Hodgson of @matrix's answer about cooperation among protocol development


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I just discovered a new app called 嘟嘟长毛‪象‬ (Dudu Mammoth) available on iOS and Android


Once downloaded the interface is almost all translated into english

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