I made a pot of rice the day before I got the evection notice, while cleaning out the fridge today I discovered that it had turned into a beautiful forest

in the process of moving out I had discovered that the extension cord running behind the wall that plugged my fridge into an outlet on the other side of the studio had been entirely eaten by rats and there were bare wires that were basically touching each other already, I’m really impressed that the fridge was even functioning and not burning down my studio. Why on earth did the rats want to eat vinyl wire covering? There were much tastier things they were not eating at all.

the DOD has this really useful and wonderfully designed graph explaining how open source works also design is their passion

lol they ask for email and then require you to verify you are a human using recaptcha

is not about decentralization...

just updated the app and got this adorable welcome screen. we need an analogy like that for the fedi

hmm weep.me/ also has flair but its designed differently. @weep is this just done with css?

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