Me and @gavcloud just watched @aral's speech to the EU Parliament about the future of the internet and how it relates to the and and damn did they do a good job! Fierce!

I picked a guava off a tree and ate most of it. This post has been brought to you by Fruit.

Had never heard of Jawa before, but saw someone on the fedi posted a link (sorry already forgot who) to this collection of for it.

You can read about the here

not that I want to promote weird ico crypto bullshit but stellar is giving away alot of money right now. this is what they have sent me in the last two airdrops just for having my hn account verified

random selfie from 2017 in my room in new orleans. haven't had my own bedroom since getting evicted from this place 6 months ago. starting to wear on me...

I forgot there are personal tag pages for mastodon: here are all the things I have been posting about in one place! :fediverse:

just discovered this abandoned front end that I had never heard of. anyone play with it? looks like its been dead since 2017

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