@eris made some new ears for a nice plugin that adds stuff to your avatar. It even works with remote accounts (on their local representation) I honestly think that weird features like these are what seriously differentiates the from any of its "mainstream counterparts" cause little experiments like this even have the possibility to happen. (this started as misskey feature but I think its great to see it implemented in other parts of the fedi)

the movement of this potato bug becomes rainbow from the scan distortion

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Was cleaning the yard and came across these two glass disks resting on top each other making a makeshift terrarium and instantly realized I must scan it!

Harvested some nettles and only two little stings I got. Gonna dry some and make pesto out of the rest.

hey friends! some of us have been chatting in a new room at: matrix.to/#/#wonderofmerveille and would love some more company. It's an open room but please only join if you are either already familiar or adjacent to the merfolk community.

this looks like a fun database to play with just for the aesthetic reasons alone

" Protein Structure Database, which offers the most complete and accurate picture of the human proteome, doubling humanity’s accumulated knowledge of high-accuracy human protein structures - for free"


good to know a Data Packet looks like a little coffin. makes me feel cosy

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sitting in front of a lot of paper for someone who is in a computer lab...

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