"A less harmful form of colonial occupation is fantasy. The process of colonial undoing will not occur by voting. You cannot decolonize the ballot."

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Look up your own full name on google image search and scroll down till you find the most bizarrely unrelated to you image.

Crest of the Bangladesh Air Force:

Raspberry Pi, Solder Party Feather Wing Keyboard, MohitBhoite 3d printed enclosure.

Open Source Hardware is awesome.

source: twitter.com/mohitbhoite/status

Just found this official looking picture of me taken at a Art Basil Miami Tumblr party a few years ago..


BFA.com wants $75 for the high res version. Somehow I don't think I should have to pay that...

"T-post® is the world's first wearable magazine, or a story driven clothing brand, whichever you prefer."

"Screen shot from Liaizon Wakest video in "Experiment 98" Digital Pavilion for The Wrong, Digital Art Biennale" facebook.com/apotecanyc/photos

my tumblr account turned 13 years old today which is fucking wild. I really hope Automattic follows through and open sources all the code, even if the code is useless knowing that that was the eventual end would make me happy...

you can check out the strange archive at wakest.info/archive if you want

searching your own name is dangerous you never know what you will find

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