"crouching figure naked covered in cloth and plastic bags trash jungle background with electric wires and streetlights style of akira guro lithography fine lines ignorant"

run via mage.space

just discovered a new sbc called the MQ-Pro made by mangopi.cc and now I want one (I dont need it but its so cute)

"a color photograph, closeup portrait of a woman wrapped in plastic, sitting in a plastic throne, in smokey mountains national park, color photograph, by vincent desiderio, canon eos c 3 0 0, ƒ 1. 8, 3 5 mm, 8 k, medium - format print"

found in the latent space on lexica.art/prompt/6449eff1-1af

I was researching the asterism symbol ⁂ and came across this very good article about some of the more rare typographic marks


the is (sort of) in a Forbes article posted yesterday about @rabble and :


its featuring a photo of @cwebber at camp and includes mentions of @staltz, @manyver_se, Dominic Tarr, , , , , Paul Frazee, and a bunch of other buzzwords that are bizarrely smashed together into an article. Still quite interesting to see this stuff in a mainstream publication.

its also posted on HN:

had been meaning to look up Kim Klevin after someone showing me their work while I was at last month, I had written down their name on a piece of masking tape stuck on my laptop and finally wanted to take off the tape to "close its tab" so to speak


@raphael I never thought that asterisks can have different amounts of points but looking thru the fonts on my phone apparently they do

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thinking about iconography, I love are.na's logo and and it would be sorta funny to use ⁂ cause it's about the same with an extra *

added in my screenshot is element's logo that feels a but bland to me but does express some type of interaction of discrete servers

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