"I am busy soldiering the yokes from data to become video for my cathode ray tubes inventory. (Each horizontal and vertical has two parallel coils my job is to convert them into series to lower the scanning frequencies)" -Chi-tien Lui

really love this 'broken phone to sort of working tablet' tutorial by Dr. K, I really cant wait to see what this type of reuse looks like 15 years from now youtube.com/watch?v=6SAfctbAfN

help identifying this strange fruit I found. it smells like strong perfume and is very sticky. was growing out of the main stem of unlike any apple/pear or citrus. I thought it was a quince at first but the growth pattern seems really different. (I have not googled this at all)

I fell off posting but that doesn't mean I haven't been making art almost every day, I just did this painting and feel good about it

Just saw this ad for The Economist and spent 5 minutes trying to search “Gnineppah s'tahw wonk” before I realized what was happening.

there’s a promotional video that clearly shows the iOS app version of trump social is also just mastodon. I wonder what iOS app they forked rumble.com/vnzzot-truth-social

was just mentioned in Slate slate.com/technology/2021/10/d

"'the platform is basically just a fork of Mastodon, the open-access software that allows users to make spinoff social media networks. Mastodon founder Eugen Rochko has said that he will be seeking legal counsel"

"Red social de Donald Trump habría plagiado trabajo del fundador de Mastodon" [Social network of Donald Trump plagiarized work of the founder of Mastodon]


@Sbarry8520 has been building a house for their family after a storm destroyed their previous house recently. They have been mostly funding it through donations here on the !

I just sent €10 and would love to see us all chip in and help get this project completed! The amount they need we can probably get together in the next 24 hours without much trouble.

@gcrkrause is collecting money through paypal and will do the work getting the money into The Gambia, so dm them for the address.

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