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I really need to setup a new viewer for historical data

It has data for almost all Mastodon/Pleroma instances since April 10, 2017. Even April 1st for some (including xyz)

Looks like some really great additions added to 3.3.0 that was released today. Look forward to trying them out when I come across an instance that is updated.

#PeerTube V3.3.0 is out!

I am sure @Framasoft should release a blog post soon. Be patient if you want to get more informations about what is inside!

But you can have a quick peek on #Github:

Thanks for everyone involved in the enhancement of @peertube! You rock everyone!

#FOSS #OpenSource #Videos #Fediverse #FreeSoftware #P2P #Decentralization

Hey #Fediverse! There is a new #project: #OpenHospitalityNetwork (#OHN). It helps to connect travellers with those who want to host them. Like AirBnB but better, focusing on the core idea of it.

Website: openhospitalitynetwork.github.

Today's 📅 meeting 6pm CEST:

you should never do cybercrime. make the computer do it for you.

Are there non-TERF academics who study anarchism and education?

Because the one I keep getting directed to? Is a massive TERF who tries to use her anarchism to support her TERFy beliefs.

ugh I hate that masto doesn't support alpha channel gifs

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Wow, this is a cool little experiment that maps a word-vector space to a text adventure space that you walk around in.

July 18th drawing for
(newspaper picture of sports filled in with black sharpie / scan and detail closeup crop)

Has anyone here looked into exactly how exactly the exploit works? Why haven’t their methods been patched yet? # nerd dictation is a great off line speech to text program that works pretty well under linux and doesn't send your information out to the cloud. i even used it to type this very description accurately.

"Barlow was among the first users of the invitation-only social network Orkut at its inception. He decided to send all of his 100 invitations to friends in Brazil; two years later, some 11 million internet users in that country (out of 14 million total) were on the social network."

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