it's kind of amazing how much of a hard time modern software has synchronizing multiple identities. because of work I have half a dozen emails at any given point in time, clients will often require their contractors to have their own email on their own system each with their own calendar, and there's just no way to synchronize that shit across the board. I find myself manually jumping around between Google calendars, Outlook calendars and other nonsense...

a frustration with myself and my education is that I spent years trying to answer the question of why software systems struggle with basic shit like this. now I think the answer, more than anything else, is capitalism. there is not really any incentive to build systems that interoperate with your competitor, so very little resources are dedicated to that. but interoperation is crucial to building robust usable systems, so you end up building deficient stuff because the market demands it.

protocols are hard. interoperation is hard. engineering is hard! but there's just... clearly no resources being put into it anymore. the parts of the internet that are interoperable (email, the web) were all designed before everything was stripmined by capitalists. nothing new is being built for interoperation anymore. there is not an engineering reason to be doing this, this is all deficient engineering. there are only market reasons, only capitalism to blame.

anyway. I missed a meeting this afternoon because I checked only two out of three calendars this morning and I credibly blame capitalism. thank you for coming to my ted talk.

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