Drone mapping workshop part one just happened. Now we are eating a delicious lunch

I have taught paper making before but I didn’t prepare for this one so it was done with all the wrong things. Tshirt material makes a pretty poor screen replacement

Currently a talk about “better approaches to psychedelic use” going on and then we will talk about SSB and the fediverse after that :)

Oh I forgot we had a birthday party for someone who just turned 40 and gave them an 11 person massage!

Day 3 of and the board has mostly been completed! Everyone’s drinking coffee and eating toast over a fire atm

@liaizon oh man this reminds me of my childhood. My mom used to do this with us

@milofultz blender and egg carton for this one but was explaining how to do it with leaves and grass



I'm planning to make a Robert paper making machine (patented in 1799, I guess the patent is expired), using materials available everywhere in the world, even in the poorest countries, and without motors, making the project available to everybody everywhere.

It's the next step after the paper tray, which requires far more time.

Here is a fancy version:


@GustavinoBevilacqua that’s so cool I have never seen this machine before. I’ll have to do some research.

@pixelflowers oh thanks I hadn’t seen this I will read it tonight

@liaizon Catching up with your posts on this, seems like a good time. I hope to host similar events in Sweden in the future, though probs more along the lines of food/forest/meadow work. Scything and making longbows is about as techy as I get! (Ultra-high-low-tech?)

My parents-in-law are involved with a permaculture space here and run a lot of workshops on growing and barn restoration / small builds, they get people from all over the world attending, it's pretty cool. I'm +10 for skill sharing.

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