@liaizon I was wondering all day what this was going to be, due to bad connectivity, and I am not disappointed!
@liaizon >using mastodon for christian purposes
Pretty sure they make a pact with satan in like the first 20 lines of code
@thestrongest @liaizon Mastodon really lucked out with being early to the scene because they got powerful branding out of it. Fortunately it seems like Pleroma is widely used even if its not as known outside of the fediverse
@kokujin @liaizon Not sure how new you are but gargron tried to co-opt the entire thing as his own creation (referring to the entirety of fedi as the mastodon network (despite GS existing), refusing to acknowledge or boost anything related to pleroma for a year, repeatedly breaking activitypub standard as if he was the sole software that needed to be compatible, etc)
@kokujin @liaizon And desu mastodon's branding is both what grew the network and stifled it. Like sure it got the first major influx of users, but legit for the past 5 years everyone that isn't all in on the kool aid stayed away because they figured it was a giant tumblr hugbox. If gargron didn't repeatedly cringepost on the twitter it would have caught on a lot sooner than now
@thestrongest @liaizon I didn't really join in myself until quite recently but I've been tangentially aware for a few years now. Its pretty funny because the first I ever heard of anything was Mastodon when it first came out, and knew it to just be an SJW shithole. It wasn't until a couple years later that I became more aware of how the fediverse worked, and even then it wasn't until I was doing a bit of reading on the topic that I realized GNU social came first. Mastodon basically stole the brand, and I think that it was probably gab's failed attempt at federating that ironically did one of the bigger chunks of damage to that perception.

@thestrongest @kokujin @liaizon GS just did OStatus back then though, right? (although Mastodon and Pleroma had OStatus support at one time too 🧐)

@liaizon Even more funny when you know that trends usually have to be moderated by an instance mod before they appear.


@liaizon Instance homepage. Flavour text: "A family-friendly social network (Mastodon instance) devoted to the new life found in Christ." The banner image is the Mastodon logo with an overlaid cross and the text "There's Life Mastodon". Below, the trending hashtags: hashtag cum (36), hashtag introductions (5), hashtag privacy (14).

@liaizon We noticed that yesterday and resolved it by removing blocking that hashtag from trending.

We had previously found approving trending hashtags tedious and set it to automatically approve them.

That was certainly a mistake. Haha. It turns out some people on other instances started spamming the tag, making it trending.

For now I've turned trending hashtags off.

I hope you enjoyed your laughs. 🙂

I'm curious. What made you notice this? Did you just happen to visit theres.life and see it?

@liaizon @life for whatever it's worth, hosting a "Christian" pod on the federation is like taking a Sunday School group to a Black Metal festival.

Such said...... welcome to this end of the "Everyone is Alice in Absurdity Land" that is the 2020s (or just post 2017 in general) =P

@alien23 @liaizon Hey. I recognize you from my time on diaspora. Good to see you again.

> for whatever it's worth, hosting a "Christian" pod on the federation is like taking a Sunday School group to a Black Metal festival.

I've been running There's Life for two years and there's a healthy Christian community here. During this time I've also seen several other Christian instances appear. I believe the nature of the Fediverse opens it up for anyone to make an instance and develop communities that fit their interests.

I'm a fan of the Federation's culture anyway, so maybe I'm just biased. :P

@liaizon @life yeah, more so than anything against the federation, just see it as part of how the balkanization of things net (in this case "social net") have been progressing.

The more pop culture side of things tends to just be adhering to the political media cultures of "left" and "right" divides, the next big divide seems to fall on a "occult" mixed in (not overly surprisingly) with an "IoT" blend of things. To the federations benefit, it's at least a bit less of just a sheer "echo chamber" than some of the other balkanization results (IMO)
But In general, the "New Normal", most particularly when dealing with things net, is just NOTHING is Normal. =P

but sounds like you've been around for minute, so guessing you're aware.
@liaizon i like how the privacy trend chart looks like a vagina :bunhduwu:

@liaizon I wonder how many instances man them. Are there Muslim instances?

@djsumdog I am sure there must be, I know there are a few Iranian instances so the likelihood of an admin or two being muslim is pretty high

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