:fediverse: [Positioning ActivityPub: De-Emphasize “Being Part of the Fediverse”] by @humanetech

a really good explanation of why we need to keep and the separate in our advocacy. Reminds me of the differences between WWW and the Internet.

@sl007 what do I need to do? I don't think tickets for web events should be a thing honestly


need to do?
socialise and party

“tickets for web events” - it will be the greatest 2D point and click world ever :)

They said "parts of infrastructure do not scale well enough vertically" …

@liaizon @humanetech

To explain it at all, we need some catchers. Most effective could be a 5 minute video.
While my wish would be that @Argus and we DO one, I found these
and the official mastodon off course

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