Hey @noellabo have you seen if anyone has made an announcement about in Japanese? If not maybe you would like to make one? I know there are many Japanese fediverse developers and some of them may like to take part!

@liaizon It seems that the ActivityPub Conference 2020 #apconf2020 is not getting any attention around me at all and no one is talking about it in Japan yet. Besides the official site, are there any other good resources to learn about apconf2020? I'm going to call on the developers in Japan.


@noellabo would love to see the misskey devs get in on this too.

videos posted so far

some discussions of specific topics, I think more will be going up shortly

Some live discussions about topics related to the fediverse that will happen on Oct 2nd (I think?)

an announcement from @cwebber about their project (sorta like ActivityPub 2.0) up on hacker news yesterday

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