the title of the first pink elephant cover seems translated to "Mastodon knob eating diary" which I assume is totally wrong but hilarious

@liaizon I don't know who came up with the name mastodon but it's a really good one, makes for good artwork.

@conatus @Gargron named it after a band they liked that has the same name.

@liaizon Aha wow I didn't even consider Mastodon the band! awesome.

@liaizon @Gargron Are you certain that the last book is about the software, not the animal? 😁

@alex @Gargron pretty sure as it says SNS on the side which is what they call mastodon and twitter in japan

@liaizon hello from one of the Japanese Mastodon instances!

@liaizon Love how three have cute cartoon mastodons on the cover and the fourth is suddenly EXTREMELY PHOTOREALISTIC

@liaizon Japan have always made the cutest cover art, both for books and music

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