I started a Fediverse Support account on birdsite. Does anyone want to help? There are lots of folks looking for answers.

@liaizon - Thanks for starting a Fediverse support site on Twitter, can you please "edit and replace" your tweet to include a link to its page on Twitter?

@BernieOrVest well this post was about asking for help with the account. There isnt really any content yet so theres no point in advertising its whereabouts yet

@liaizon - I see! Well, I"m not a Mastodon expert by any measure, but I"d be glad to help you with it. I"m active on both sites and can RT & boost to amplify what you're doing.

@BernieOrVest Mainly just want it for directly answering peoples questions like “is there an app?!” or “what instance should I join?!” and reminding people that the fediverse is much bigger then mastodon.

@liaizon - Right, I undestand. - if a recent Berner migrated to the main instance, from Twitter is having issues getting started, or trouble with a confirmation email, etc., can I still tag your page on Twitter once it's up and running?

@BernieOrVest its currently @fedisupport but not sure I am happy with that name

@liaizon - Your response time on Twitter, helping @VanDumbo get into their account, is amazing. Thanks for the assist.

@liaizon @VanDumbo - I already gave VanDumbo (aka Dumbo, on Twitter) a follow on Mastodon. I can see their acccount. I'm hoping @Gargron can just approve his account so the confirmation email will be moot.

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