is this you actually liking posts across netoworks or a bot going from one service to another @hypolite

@liaizon @hypolite


Usually it's me liking some fedi's post on birdsite and then I feel weird and I think hmm they probably posted that on fedi too, I should find it and like it there.

My birdsite feed has a lot of teargas and barricade fires these months, but normally it's like 50% fedi people. 😀

@clacke @hypolite oh right your in HK aren’t you. How you doing over there? hung out with pinboard yet lol

@liaizon @hypolite We're doing fine, just always keeping an eye on the public transport app and mtrupdate on birdsite to know whether to find a bus instead on that day. 😀
@hypolite @liaizon *glances at the account* eeeh yes this person is very in HK 😀
@hypolite @liaizon I could say "you know what this city is 9M people how would I ever" but actually the hacker community is so small I probably met this person twice at Codeaholics without knowing it 😁
@liaizon I follow both accounts directly from #Friendica and as a result I can like both from my timeline.

@hypolite you liked the same post two times in a row intentionally then?

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