Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2019! September 7th & 8th in Prague, immediately following Rebooting Web of Trust.

Space is limited, see post for details. We are also soliciting talks.

Hope to see you there!


@cwebber really glad this is happening *but why oh why* are you using a gmail account for managing this event?

@liaizon Yeah there's some irony there, but it was the easiest thing to coordinate on for the multiple people that needed access to the account, and we were running out of time.

@cwebber but thats the exact problem we are trying to fight against tho, might as well just organize the event on facebook right, the easiest

@liaizon The irony is noted and obvious. FWIW I think hosting the event on facebook would be a bit more ironic. :P

SMTP at least is federated.

@cwebber not trying to be a curmudgeon but it carries a lot of weight coming from you

@liaizon I know. But I'm not the only (or main) person coordinating. Everything is happening fast and our resources are very, very small and entirely volunteer-driven.

Even I have to make do with the best I can to work with people where they're at, and it's not just me coordinating this. Sometimes we have to work to make the next step easier.

@liaizon You're basically mad someone who is making tools for better online communication hasn't made them yet and it seems honestly a bit silly. Most people use tools worse than the ones they're creating, that being... why they're creating new ones :P @cwebber

@emsenn not mad just think we should be aware that our use of things like google services publicly in this way has an effect of lessening the sincerity of a movement. using a gmail account is not any easier here then using a disroot or riseup account so its really of very little benefit in this case. I would actually have less to argue about if they had posted a facebook event since its still such a huge way people find out about things.

@liaizon I think you're misunderstanding why it was done - it was done to enable multiple event coordinators, who are non-technical, to check the account.

Making ANY account is 100% harder than "go to your current email webpage and click yoru name and type this one instead"

@emsenn having multiple people log into / share the login credentials of an already hosted email address on non hostile territory like disroot or riseup is definitely in the wheelhouse of non technical people helping organize an event. if that is too complicated how are they going to be able to help with an event like this?

@liaizon "How can someone who doesn't know how to use EMAIL possibly know how to use SETTING UP A BOOTH?"

Because they are 100% different skills and being able to use random technical tools isn't some litmus test for basic competency.

@emsenn It seems like your trying to fight with me here. I was pointing out that seeing google as a middleman to participation in this event is disappointing. I love what CW is doing and we all make compromises. just seems antithetical to what we are trying to do. but I am also responding to your CAP locks so alas I guess we are on the internet.

@liaizon At this point, I'm criticizing your assumption that basic technical knowledge is required for event coordination, and that logging into a non-Gmail account does not require more knoweldge than logging into a Gmail account.

All sorts of very clever people don't know how to do things without computers beside what their phone's icons let them do, and that doesn't mean they aren't highly qualified for all sorts of other work.

@emsenn I agree there are different sets of knowledge. But this is a small set. The amount of work it would take to *teach* someone how to use a different domain to log into a different hosted email server is quite small.

@liaizon So who teaches them? Do we wait to start planning the event until every coordinator is comfortable with a new email client?

Or do you just use a tool that works because the whole thing you're trying to do is to get off that sort of tool ANYWAY so tinking about with them would be just exercising a sunk costs fallacy for the sake of apperances?

@liaizon @emsenn Riseup might have been a good idea, we didn't think about it, maybe next time.

@liaizon I self host my own email with my own very custom setup. I thought about running it through my mail hosting, but realized I wouldn't be able to get something up that would be usable by people who aren't me in a feasible time.

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