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Hi @write_as @writefreely @writeas_dev

I recently asked whether you have plans to realign with #gofed #activitypub library (where you're 364 commits behind) and you said you were indeed considering doing so in the future.

This is just a FYI to mention that now also has a #matrix room at:

We are having a meeting about the future of Sunbeam City in an hour if anyone wants to join.

we're seeing confusion levels at about 75%

(75%) ■■■■■■■□□□

"In early 2019, Ian Davis lost 4 of his digits on his left hand to a work accident. His insurance did not cover his prosthetic." So he made his own mechanical solution.

"The prosthetic Ian built has literally zero electricity need, it works with a set of elastic strings, rods, chains, nails a forearm rest, and whatnot."

We're living a #cyberpunk dystopia but, damn, engineers are amazing.

@elementary ok I have tried the install twice now and it has not worked. The live “cd” seems to work great tho. Installing again hmm

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posting from a computer for the first time this month (since I blew up my laptop)

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