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“lie motionless in a marsh covered with dark material, Concentrate hard on controlling your power.” -Liaizon Wakest, 2017

F-Droid releases are back!

- 🟩 Dat Installer: available now
- 🟩 Apple App Store: available now
- 🟩 Google Play Store: available now
- 🟩 F-Droid: available now

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I picked 10 gallons or so of pecans today, who knew a wiresstrippers was such a good way to crack a nut

I had no idea! I thought someone just really liked ham and started talking about it a lot

The London Anarchist Bookfair torrent + library talk 

a curated torrent of over 80+ anarchist texts via The Anarchist Library

Welcome to the 2020 London Anarchist Bookfair on torrent created by The Anarchist Library project.

For the first time ever, the library has put together a curated torrent of over 80+ anarchist texts related to the London Anarchist bookfair event taking place October 17 & 18, 2020.

The torrent is a 79 MB 7zip compressed file that includes the PDF, A4 PDF, imposed letter / A4 PDF, EPUB, HTML, plain text, and LaTeX source files for all the texts included.

read more here:

just got a bald ass tire with a puncture patched for 10$ and they did it in like 10 minutes. local repair places rock sometimes

they cut into the on-hold sounds to tell me they were gonna keep me on hold longer. they called me sweetheart though so its ok

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this insurance company has really retro on-hold music

Here's a radio adaptation of RUR

So far, it is substantially more captivating as a radio drama than it was to read, but I'm only about 5 minutes in.

I'll keep you posted.

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found 20 year old picture of me with a chicken on my head

We just donated to @syuilo under the name of Twidere for a small donation per month. Hope this can make Fediverse better and keep pushing the decentralization.

yesss thanks to this article from @aaronpk I managed to set up a little server that lets me put any service I want behind Mastodon's OAuth so that only people with a login can see it. It works for web apps that don't know what OAuth is -- you are just kind of "gating" them so that any request to any URL for the app must be authorized first. A little like .htpasswd but for OAuth.

I'll write this up in detail later but Aaron's post has everything you need.

I hear some famous cop is arguing with some well known fascist with a piece of plexiglass in between? and something about a fly.

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