August 4th 2022

posting late but I did draw this stuff yesterday so it still counts

August 5th 2022
I didnt want to break my streak but it already got dark so am drawing in a tent with my phone flashlight at

August 6th
another day of running out of light and needing to draw quickly before dinner at fedicamp. I dont like either of these drawings but it's important for me to post my failures too

August 12th

I was home all day except for some grocery shopping and didnt draw much. I worked on this commission for about an hour or so and realized I should do some "personal" drawing to count for my thingaday

August 15th 2022

was invited to a club in the daytime by a friend who worked there, just sat in the corner outside and drew for a while

August 15th 2022

testing out the layering abilities of a few blue markers over the red layer of this large drawing I am working on

(oh and I got the date wrong in the above posts that was for the 14th opps)

an extra test that doesnt fit in mastodons arbitrary 4 images limit

August 16th 2022

I spent all my drawing energy trying to finish this massive drawing I am doing as a commission. its not done yet but will finish in the next day

August 18th 2022

spent most of the day packing up my stuff to move apartment but got a little drawing in

@liaizon looks like a big cell made out of smaller cells

@memexikon no, that sounds stressful and would imply some interpretation that I dont want to imply

@liaizon I can't make a piece of music, art or writing without having a title to begin.

@liaizon Ive been really loving these figures you've been drawing.

@joemama hey thanks for the kind words! I dont know where they are going but I feel some need to keep going with them

@liaizon it reminds me of like ancient depictions of jackals on pottery + coyote dog-girl by Lisa Hanawalt. I think theyre great! Feels to me like a depiction of the spirit.

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