@joeycastillo just unveiled a redesign of The Open Book! Also seems like they just got an account here recently so give them a follow if you are into

@liaizon @joeycastillo it looks great! I really like the fact that all the instructions are printed directly on the PCB.

@liaizon @joeycastillo That's awesome! I love the little "This Open Book was made by..." area on the silkscreen.

@liaizon Is the main difference the board that drives it? I still have a couple kits lying around that I haven't built yet.
@liaizon When ordering the main PCB you had to get 3 minimum from whatever site I used anyway, plus I told my brother I'd build him one when I built mine. Just been putting it off. I think I only have enough parts to do two full builds but I'll have one of the main PCB leftover.
@liaizon The logistics of shipping it honestly sound like a pain, so I'd rather not.

Is there some reason you can't easily get one? I thought it was open hardware and you could just go to any pcb ordering site with the files.

@brad it's more that I don't want to make more unneeded electronics. I vary rarely buy any new hardware so if I did I would want to make sure its something I would get a long life out of. the fact that someone has extra that is currently going to waste takes away that tick from my evaluation of whether its a good idea or not.

@liaizon That's a pretty cool perspective. I will give it some thought. But again it would not come with all the parts you need, it's just the main board they all go on.

@brad yeah that doesn't concern me as I probably have many of the parts around already

@liaizon @joeycastillo That would be nice too. Both have the ad/disadvantages. AAs are easier to source or scavenge in a pinch but an 18650 would give better battery life.

@liaizon @joeycastillo Nice one.
Is there a project web page or @codeberg repo or similar?

Want to read further.

@liaizon @joeycastillo me too, where can we get more info about it? Super cool project!

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