jan 7th (I was getting the month wrong all week lol) gan

"stack of weird bones"

jan 8th 2022 gan

"pack of cigarettes"
[it translates to 'kurena will kill']

jan 9th 2022 gan

looking glass trained on 8 photos of trash bags can now generate new ones pretty perfectly

jan 10th 2022 gan

"the shiniest bean" via rudalle emojich run through dazhizhong/strotss with a kaiju style transfer and then upscaled with jingyunliang/swinir

jan 11th 2022 gan#thingaday

trained looking glass on images of kaiju figurines and have been running it since last night, this one is upscaled a bit

jan 12th 2022 gan#thingaday

training looking glass on images of boxes of cigarettes and making asemic cig packs

jan 13th 2022 gan

"humans are wired for connection | a home under construction from the inside looking out into the back patio in the colorful style of Gustave Dore" a mix of two prompts I saw other people post on twitter

jan 14th 2022 gan

feedback loops into ICGAN to get abstract nothings

@exquisitecorp been using all sorts of different ML models but the one you are responding to was made by feeding this drawing by the above mentioned artist into replicate.com/facebookresearch

@liaizon was just about to ask if you have tried RunwayML before, but then i visited the website for the first time in a long time and they've "pivot'ed to something completely different. so weird.


@exquisitecorp wow didnt realize runway pivoted either thats bizarre

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