been having a lot of conversations about language lately that evoke ideas I heard @nasser layout more succinctly then anyone. are there others working in the computer science space that are talking or writing publicly about the hegemony of english in programming and how this has long term negative side effects?

@liaizon what kind of negative effects are you thinking about? Having access to pretty much every CS resource after learning just one language is really nice. I would love it if that language was a thoughtfully designed conlang, but alas I don't see that happening in my lifetime. Besides, the problem of (not) choosing an optimal lingua franca is definitely not limited to just CS.

@dalz @liaizon Lol. I suppose it does look different if you approach it from "Only have to learn one language". Personally, I wish there were better resources available for learning languages, period. Though it's not like I take particularly good advantage of the ones there are, so. XD

@Angle @liaizon heh, it'd be fantastic if finding the energy and motivation for learning something as daunting as a human language was easy ;)

Side note, some days after my previous toot I wrote down some thoughts on the matter:

@liaizon can you give some examples of those negative effects? I as a non-native speaker (whose native language couldn't be further from English grammatically) really appreciate that everything about CS is written in the same, very easy-to-learn language. It isn't ideal but it could be much, much worse.

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