Hey @darius what is your ideal model for the fork? Is it currently maintained by you only or does it already have some community control structure?

@liaizon Just me (plus some community contributors I'm grateful for) but that's not ideal! I am open to community governance and becoming a core contributor rather than owner.

But at least up until now having it be my project was the trade-off for it existing at all -- if I focused on governance first I would have lost interest and never actually made it happen. That is of course my own shortcoming.

@darius would you be interested in some community call or discussion taking place *somewhere* about how we could go about getting some more structured community control of hometown? There is a zeitgeist right now about the current dilemma and I’d much rather harness it to reinforce community building in hometown or glitch-soc then it go towards yet another fork.

@liaizon Yeah for sure. I will probably talk to some of my friends who specialize in open source governance and see what some good options are. Open to suggestions here (or as issues on Hometown repo too)

@liaizon My main worry is that community governance will kill it as a project via well meaning people wanting to implement too many distinctive features, but that is something I can live with. I never wanted it to be a big project (and it currently is not a big project by design), ideally I wanted its stuff to be pulled into upstream Mastodon so I could shut it down!

@darius @liaizon seems like that merger won't happen now..

perhaps a 'feature guideline' would be helpful? ie, a documentation of what is believed to be the spirit of hometown, and new features should be inline with it?

@darius I posted about this here and would love to have a community call about this issue sometime this month!

@liaizon @darius glitch-soc is what I'm biased towards. It's what Mastodon should be tbh and since I've started using it (from pleroma and regular Mastodon) it's been so much better and I wanna contribute to it too

@liaizon @darius I haven't used hometown before btw so no shade towards it lol

@darius @glitchwitch @liaizon The instance I'm on is using it, and it really is good. I'm not sure I could go back to regular Mastodon. The 500 character post limit and no markup are the two main problems.

It still suffers from excessive resource consumption compared to Pleroma though.

@darius @liaizon I didn't realize it was a Hometown thread with the hometown dev and just opened the link lol.

Whatever the case, more devs = good, if wakest contributes to hometown to where it can bring unique features elsewhere like I assume it's already done then that's great

@glitchwitch @liaizon I'm thinking hard about the scope of hometown with reference to all this stuff. no conclusions yet just thinkin hard


> My main worry is that community governance will kill it as a project via well meaning people wanting to implement too many distinctive features

This can be tackled. The community might start just as modest on a similar strategy you followed until it has proven itself to be healthy and sustainable.

With a clear manifesto of sorts it may clearly set out its values and objectives along which it develops the platform. So that you can point to it and say "Sorry, won't do".


@darius @liaizon 💜

it's not a shortcoming. it just sometimes is what it is, and it can (is!) still be very good ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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