There is a really bad privacy bug in the new “official” app. If you reply to a dm it defaults to totally public. This is honestly a really awful bug that has already resulted in mistakingly posting publicly something I meant to be private.

looks like the issue has been solved and a fix has been merged but maybe not yet submitted to the app store

@jalcine no I haven’t. I’m on my phone only atm. Your welcome to submit it.

@liaizon I was surprised at how big it was tbh. Good for you.

@Humpleupagus this must be new in the last year cause I used to use tusky and it worked fine

@liaizon @Humpleupagus yeah, i'm answering to dms quite regularly with tusky, and it's fine? may that be a server-client-interoperability-issue, like e.g. the server being pleroma, or sth.?

@malte @liaizon I've tried both with noagendasocial and my instance. Neither work. Maybe both are messed up? NAS is mastodon, I'm running Pleroma.

@Humpleupagus @liaizon idk. maybe write me a dm, so i can click answer to see if things go wrong from this side, too?

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