@liaizon @lidia_p @I30 @estragon this seems a little out of date, mastodon and pleroma dropped support for ostatus some time ago, and i think wordpress added activitypub a while ago too

@radicalgraffiti @lidia_p @I30 @estragon

just because mastodon mainline dropped support doesn’t mean that there isn’t much support still present. Pawoo forked off of mainline long before ostatus was dropped and I am pretty certain they never removed it and they are still the biggest instance.

also this map is opensource so you are welcome to submit patches to it if you want.

@liaizon @lidia_p @I30 @estragon its wrong for most mastodon instances, but i'm not interested enough to patch it

but that reminds me, i'd think it made more sense to mention actually existing forks of mastodon like pawoo, glitch-soc, hometown than one that might come out one day


@radicalgraffiti @lidia_p @I30 @estragon

I agree, and I didn't make the poster the other people mentioned in this post did...

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