There is a new project to make a DuoLingo alternative!

Would love to figure out how to have the social aspects federated!

@liaizon I don't get why we need something new when there's already Anki which is a standard for spaced repetition, with a lot of free and open source apps and decks?


@lertsenem have you looked at the anki app lately? its developed in 1990s style. its much easier to start a new project then try to modernize that code. The course material could definitely be reused though and that could use an issue filed.

@liaizon I use the AnkiDroid app and I honestly find it better than Duolingo, with statistics, the possibility to learn more than just new languages, adjusting the repetitions as I see fit, adding my own cards, etc. It may gain from a little UI revamp, but feature-wise I don't think it's missing much.

I hope this new soft will just be a modernized Anki client using the same cards data. Maybe add federation for easier cards exchanges? :)

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