I am excited about the potential of non capitalist media platforms. Of people being free from the constraints of capital trying to sell ads against every message. There is an incredible potential in networked culture that has been swindled away by greed and selfish. We are taking that back. What we are doing is powerful and I dont want that to be forgotten.

@liaizon just curious how you see it? I worked in media for quite a long time and have some opinions about that. From how I see it the platform is not really a problem, but the content is

@alexsleepy I am talking about where the control of the platform lies. Here it lies in the hands of humans. “Media” lies in the hands of corporations and capital.

@liaizon I think I'm a little lost in your vision of what media is. are you talking about information and it's medium? if so, then internet was providing capital-free platform from it's beginning. I see how it changed overtime, but it still was there all the time

@alexsleepy I am talking about “media” as a platform. The form we are currently engaged in is like a zine. The form I care to get distance from is Disney and Facebook.

@liaizon yeah, what I'm saying is there always been alternatives. boards, forums and irc were there way before facebook, and most of them were ad-free and didn't care about data mining. so it was other way round, tech giants took what was free and open and monetized it. they also put a lot of rnd and made it global. so it's just another step in the evolution we have here. media, in general meaning, will always find it's way to distribute itself without being controlled

@alexsleepy I dont think we have anything to disagree on here. The old internet was great. Capitalism took it over. We are taking it back.

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