another corporation that doesn't know how works and is using with all attribution removed. the footers have the license and project links removed and they disabled /about/more

@liaizon Looks like they use halcyon, which is licenced AGPL and therefore does not allow hosting without distributing the modified server software.

Any GPL or other FLOSS licence would allow that though. So FLOSS is not requiring you to keep attribution or redistribute as Open Source when used on a server.

@berkes It's using Mastodon which is AGPL3. And they have also customized it. Pretty sure they are breaking the license by not attributing and linking to the source.

@liaizon I'm not saying you are wrong.

But how do you know for sure they are running AGPL-licenced server-software and not another ActivityPub-compatible software with more permissive licencing?

@berkes cause I have been studying all the activitypub software since before activitypub was a thing and can spot the differences pretty instantly. They could be using only MastoFE with a different backend but that wouldn’t change the licensing situation.

@liaizon in that case, any contributor can sue them.

Probably sending an (standard) email explaining your copyright is violated is enough.

Also: IANAL.

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