Is there any #ActivityPub based social network/microblogging platform - or a fork of Mastodon, Pleroma or similar - that is specifically tailored for running single user instances?

#fediverse /\

@lohang sounds like sorta what your after but its not getting many updates these days, though I know a few people who use it.

@liaizon Many thanks! I didn't know about this one before. Looks simple and straightforward. Will look into it.

@lohang There is a fork of it maintained by a Thai person that I think i s getting more love recently but I forget what it’s called


@lohang I still didn't find the person I was thinking of but there is another friend who has an active presence using that software: @gaeel! how do you like using
(Gaeel's instance is at I like that it's super lightweight and easy to set up, but it's fairly janky

For instance occasionally there will be a post on my feed that causes microblogpub to just break with an error 500, and then I have to wait until enough people post for it to pass to the next page before I can use it again

It's also ugly by default and I haven't gotten round to customising it yet That nikisoft fork shows that it's possible to make it look nice though!

@liaizon Thanks! I visited @gaeel 's site and saw their reply. But it hasn't reached my instance. There seems to be some issue with federation. I just sent a follow request. Let us see how this goes...

@lohang @gaeel well I guess that answers your question anyway. It may be jankier then you need :) Okay yeah, my instance is completely busted then 🙄

There was a fire at my datacenter in March, I had to restore from backups, and it looks like either I don't know what I'm doing, or there's something that doesn't work...

I didn't get the follow request, and it looks like people can't see my public posts unless they're tagged (that, or none of my followers care what I post, which... fair...)

That's annoying...

@gaeel @lohang I can see your public posts on my timeline that I am not tagged in fyi

@liaizon @gaeel Not everything is broken, I guess. Hope you'll be able to fix it. Awesome!

Federation in general can be a bit weird sometimes, don't expect things to be as snappy and immediate as centralised platforms

That said, I hopefully have most of the problems with my instance sorted-ish

@gaeel Hey! I got this reply! I can see it in my notifications section, and I received a notification email too. @liaizon

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