@ldubost and @XWiki, I didn't find your handles when I made this post before.

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@liaizon So, we have a wiki engine on board... This is great news! I wonder, though, how will it interact with the rest of the Fediverse!


> alternative to Confluence

Yeah, screw Confluence. Had to use it for my job, hated every minute of it.

@drq they have a lot of info about how they are planning on using AP in the announcement

@liaizon yeah, reading it now, seems to make sense so far.

@liaizon @lightone thanks, I've added entries for both XWiki and Discourse to the AP watchlist page on the wiki.

@liaizon Oh,finally a Wiki that doesn't look like it hasn't been updated for 20 years 🎉 I didn't know the project before but it looks very good.And if it gets ActivityPub support,it will be even better 😍

@nipos check out Tiddlywiki, now THAT would be cool to get federating...

@liaizon Well,it's not as ugly as MediaWiki or DokuWiki but I still like XWiki more.

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