Just discovered ! An event platform that (partially) supports and is already being used!

There are already two instances! (Torino, Italy) (Firenze, Italy)

Project website:

Code repo:

Looks like one of the instances is followable here: @gancio and I couldn't figure out the address of the other one.

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I should have tagged @activitypub in my post! Remembering to use the tools we have to promote the tools we want!

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@liaizon am I right that this makes 3 platforms? @mobilizon, @GetTogetherComm and now #Gancio? this is impressive!

@pfm @GetTogetherComm @mobilizon and also have events too but they are not yet federating. the only one currently federating is Gancio

@liaizon hi there, I'm the main developer of #gancio. You can follow Turin events in the fediverse at @gancio for event in turin and comment it! AP support is optional and the instance in florence ( choose not to enable it for now (they're talking about it). It's developed by underscore hacklab that live inside a "squat". here there's a strong political hacking movement, a lot of hacklabs that meets annually together during a national event

@liaizon @gancio > so more instances are coming in next months. we are focusing on projects linked and used by local communities. we setup a radical server that hosts services specific for local social movements (this mastodon instance, a pad and #gancio until now).

@lesion @gancio hey lovely to meet you! thanks for the explanation. you should come join its the new forum where ap devs are trying to work out the details of getting everything to work together

@˗ˏˋ waaakest ˎˊ˗ @django @Mayel @pfm @lesion

Last I looked Zap events (and attendance confirmations) worked fine with Hubzilla and Friendica. But it isn't strictly an event service, so it's good to see there are projects emerging to fill that niche. But if you want events in the same social interface as your conversations and groups and (public|private) photos and file archives, Zap isn't too bad.  We took all of Indio's work for Osada and moved it to Zap which was the smart choice because it was nearly a million lines of code ahead of Osada at the time and Indio simply couldn't keep up.

@spider @lesion @mayel @django @pfm thats good to know I will have to play around with that. (your instance has an old version of my name, so its displaying wrong on my side, this should probably be filed as a bug)

@˗ˏˋ waaakest ˎˊ˗  It appears that names are cached for three days and the last update was just under 3 days ago. Did you just change it?
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