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We've closed a new round on Maskbook/ recently and will keep support fediverse. Including both financially and technically -

Hi all! We would like to hire one part time DevOps on Mastodon service maintain and helping us trying/integrating experimental features. We can accept remote work and welcome to apply. Please send us your Resume (or LinkedIn link) to Suji.Yan AT ;) Many thanks.

@sl007 @Argus I'm actively working on a modular #ActivityPub library for NodeJS that includes complete client-to-server spec with support from Grant for the Web / Coil inc.
Goal is to promote development of more specialized apps (like and not just full stack social platforms.

Just discovered there is an Armenian side of the after getting a follow from @inky@թութ.հայ!




yo anyone have any tricks for turning a macbook retina display into an external desktop monitor? I guess I just need to source the control board

what if the real cyberpunk was the dystopia we lived in along the way

hey hive mind: know any tools to generate charts and graphs in #plaintext ? I'm looking for something that could, for instance, show a month calendar with a value for each day #askFedi
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