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update: rooted my nokia and got telekram running on it. able to modify source code and sideload new apps.

so far just changed the name to TeleKram PLUR

"This animation of black raspberries only has three frames because the other frames were too juicy not to eat." from my piece in issue two of @compost

anyone know an immigration/citizenship lawyer in portugal? i'm eligible for a passport and would like to start the process

@liaizon Pawoo is domain restricted by registrars. The service is currently down because it is unable to look up the correct nameservers. The operating company is responding to the registrar.

"crouching figure naked covered in cloth and plastic bags trash jungle background with electric wires and streetlights style of akira guro lithography fine lines ignorant"

run via

just spent a good 15 minutes trying to explain anti-capitalism to this person from Columbia. they seemed really intrigued by the idea but it was totally new to them

olives with buffy the vampire slayer font / the most pleasing canned fish design // georgia is beautiful

f(x,y) = ((((~y) & (x % y)) & ((24 ^ x) ^ (y ^ x))) & (((x ^ y) - (y - 14)) | (-(y / y)))) % 6

Extent: 256x256 (scaled x2)

"Onebit" colouring scheme.

hey @noellabo whats going on with Pawoo? I saw you posting about it a few times and translated ur posts but figure it out and wont load for me now.

hell yeah I think my complaint about a youtube link last week was the tipping point to get to sign up to ! follow their new account here:!

:fediverse: :fediverse: :fediverse:

"Apple Is Not Defending Browser Engine Choice" June 23, 2022

thanks to @berkes for posting, just finished reading this article slamming Apple for their lack of focus on the health of the web

today’s my birthday so I celebrated by getting a sick ass tat from @/_dawsh (on ig) 🌞
everything was freehanded and the details are so lovely

"US border forces are seizing Americans' phone data and storing it for 15 years"

not that this is really new information to us but its pretty stunning to see it posted on the front of mainstream news

just discovered a new sbc called the MQ-Pro made by and now I want one (I dont need it but its so cute)

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