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I was just asked if I would do a 5 minute lighting talk bout how I use ML in my art practice. I feel like I should take the opportunity but maybe prerecord it cause fitting anything in 5 minutes cohesively is daunting

on my way to and getting there is significantly more difficult because there is a giant stockpile of confiscated fireworks and hand grenades that blew up and now almost all the trains are delayed

some racists on the train. I didn't understand any of what they said but I could tell it was entirely of racist content. this group of black women walked on to the train and then these people sitting next to me all started pointing and speaking very loudly. the only words I definitely made out was something like "berlin is our city"

Hey, anyone out there break through the #DRM on amazon's new 'kindle-only' documents?

August 4th 2022

posting late but I did draw this stuff yesterday so it still counts

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if I get a new follow on my single user instance from an instance I haven't interacted with it will show none of the posts of the user. I have to load the account in a external web browser to even see who the person is. this is a feature we need to work on making better its so annoying. and I havent seen any project implementation of this yet even on zap zot friendica based fedi software

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so you know how you can copy a url to a post to load it to your local view by searching its url inside of mastodon: why is there not a way to go to a profile and click load most recent 100 posts locally?

the person who made the software to animate the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park wants to start a new open source 3d animation program ala blender but writing everything in Common Lisp and they are looking for people interested in contributing

"wrote 3D animation software used in “Jurassic Park” • software R&D lead on “Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within” movie • senior software developer on “The Hobbit” films"

TIL: The father of Linus Torvalds has a seat in the European Parliament.

almost finished it in the park after seeing it on's bookshelf and realizing I had never actually read it before

(comment on "The Xenofeminist Manifesto")

an MNT Reform customer in the US was able to get an industrial repair company to fix their damaged laptop on the board level independently using only the public documentation for <$280.

I did not mean to this post. I didn't realize mastodon doesn't support hyphenated hashtags

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