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natively running 9front / Plan 9 from Bell Labs on my MNT Reform

damnit still not sure why my screenshot hotkey isn't working now

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running i3-config-wizard wizard seemed to get back to what I needed sick

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ok I learned a good linux lesson lol. dont install random shit from github without looking at what it does. I installed i3themer and now I have no status or window bars of anykind and I don't know how to undo it lol

I really love #GoToSocial, however I keep having to switch to other instances because the federation with other projects outside of the Mastodon bubble doesn't work yet. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten into the code enough to see if I could support it myself. Hopefully I'll get some time some day to learn how to contribute to open source. :O

💼 We are hiring!
open roles for:
- Web developer
- Full stack developer
- Instance admin
- OnlyOffice engineer

[pls boost]

[For it is the irony of the on-going Ge-stell that what installs itself is in fact what is most enframed (gestellt) and installed (bestellt).]

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if you want to follow along page 43 of the linked pdf below: “Transgenous Philosophy”: Post-humanism, Anthropotechnics and the Poetics of Natal Difference by Sjoerd van Tuinen

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if heterogeneous means diverse
and homogeneous means same
I was wondering what transgeneous would mean, and of course that lead me on a rabbithole to find the only refrence to this word that I could find which seems to be from a translation of a essay written by the German philosopher Peter Sloterdijk and now I am stuck reading this paper about a some German controversy about Sloterdijk's ideas relating to humanism...

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I just had to look up the word "heterogeneous" to double check its meaning while reading this book and realized I have had the opposite meaning in my head for years!

not able to load anything from on this account but it seems to work fine from I wonder if the way this account is set up with the subdomain is messing up federation for some things

the buses here have USB ports now tho and I didnt know that so maybe everything has a reason

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Google maps has done me wrong twice now this week. I had checked a future scenario how late the train was running and it looked like it was indeed running late still so I decided to stay at Laidak but now I have a half hour extra walk and a bus ride cause there are no trains

In light of @tehn 's post about electronic component scarcity (check it out here : :

I wonder if there's an initiative somewhere to list very common electronic parts that can be found with recycling older devices, or components that are interchangeable due to similar pinouts or function.

Boosts more than welcome and open to ideas ! I also feel like small time manufacturing companies, DIY hobbyists and builders may be interested in this, so I'm not closed to the idea of building such a thing.

oh shit Kandinsky-12B is good! move aside DALL-E Mini theres a new beast in town

I am now in Berlin for the summer if anyone wants to meet up! I am bouncing around and my schedule is quite free. Am always down to make new friends and talk about all the various things that there are to talk about.

firefox in i3 runs about 3x faster then in the gnome desktop environment (on top of debian on this surface 3)

realizing I am not getting a lot of replies to posts federating onto my server. Is anyone working on this issue lately?

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