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@thefinalstrawradio I really did not prepare enough for this interview but it was a good conversation anyway. I am use to talking about all this stuff casually so its interesting to do a different format. Never been on a podcast before! EMBRACE ALL MISTAKES I guess

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I was interviewed on @thefinalstrawradio podcast this week about the :fediverse: and autonomy and stuff... If you want to listen to me ramble and say um a lot for an hour give it a listen!

One of the major #ActivityPub platforms ( offers a white label version of their #blogging platform if you don't want to run it yourself

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I've been pretty vocal about using my following and resources to help spread awareness of new projects and developers, I know what it's like to start from nothing and "compete" with mastodon, peertube, pleroma, etc.

What I don't get is how distant projects are from each other, I think the larger projects should make more of an effort to help out smaller projects.

We are not competing with each other, we're all in this together! 💪 #fediverse #activitypub

OK who can help take Matt Mullenweg up on his offer to bring #Tumblr up to full #indieweb standards? cc: @humanetech

Not a joke: this is a very real opportunity... #openweb

📢 If you're in and around Rotterdam in the end of the month, come by a workshop I am co-facilitating with friends from Varia on Sunday, May 29th.

📚 We'll be onboarding new users and discussing the ethical/technical setup of the DAAP (Digital Archive of Artists' Publishing) archive (

📌 Full details (incl. RSVP infos) in the link here:

💫 Feel free to spread the word! y'all seen this? trying to federate search, anyone interested?

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