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Back in 2009 I "improved" a walkway in my small garden.

I used broken samples of tiles, since they are free (best part) and funnier than straight tiles like everybody else (better part).

What if there was a combined Free Software, OSHW and Right to Repair group, providing ideological leadership in a peer to peer fashion via federated services (including Git-based code hosting) and an emphasis on teaching how to self-host your own federated hosting infrastructure?

cleaning my studio a bit rn and if anyone saw it like this they would definitely think I was totally fucking insane

always happy to hear when i get friends to start their own #tiddlywiki 🌱digital gardens 🔖📁🗃

The Matrix Specification has a new stable release! It adds knocking, cross-signing, and an all-new platform thanks to Will Bamberg.

We're also now going to update the Spec quarterly.

To get the full details, read the Matrix Spec v1.1 announcement.

Have any of you ever got a controller ticket on the Berlin metro and not payed it? if so what happens?

I'm looking into implementing private pinned toots in Mastodon, but I'm slightly afraid it could break some existing implementations or leak the private pinned toots in some other ones

could people help me doing a quick survey of how different fediverse implementations behave when seeing a private pinned toot?


successful snuck about 5 times the amount of stuff onto spirit air without paying for any baggage. @palomakop showed me a secret feature of my backpack that came super in handy. got all this weird electronic trash all strapped together into one giant package.

Foggy infrared. More to come.
Only available in red, because pushing those images closeer to 600nm (yellow) results in some very ugly pixelation. #infrared #photography

"this is AMERICA, not a fucking SPONGE" -crazy racist man on the E train

@craigmaloney @danielcassidy Is the spraybottle tied to a phone number and is actively opposed to reproducible builds and decentralization?


Okay okay, I got the signal already!!!

Honestly just having a mode where new instances were queued for approval somewhere like new users would make my life 1,000x easier. @Gargron

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Here's a longish academic article I recently finished. It has more stuff on the #demoscene than #permacomputing, although it also includes some permacomputingish visions for the future.
Digital esthetics, environmental change and the subcultures of computer art
Spent the evening in town with @liaizon hearing about the wildest characters out of their childhood commune, between the drug kingpin exiled in Nepal, the arsenic tub owner and the newfound Nazi who moved to Slovenia to find "his Aryan roots". No dull moment!
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