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The handshake: is a way of making physical contact, and defining personal distance.

hey @humanetech came across this which might go well on your delightful funding list

hey @rra (or anyone else reading this) do you know anyone providing hosting on solar power?

📄 Radio Is My Bomb: A DIY Manual For Pirates, 1987

“… a wonderfully dated guide to pirate broadcasting. Mostly aimed at activists it covers everything from laws (including going to court and getting gear back), existing stations, equipment and basic ethics to name but a few parts in it’s 72 pages.”

–via Lori Emerson

Describe the fediverse in one sentence:

"I'm going to ask you: Where is the feed? Where is the food?"

This makes sense.

I realized there is no wikipedia page in chinese for the fediverse. I wonder what the best way to change that would be. came across this thread in the old mastodon issues talking about how to even translate the word fediverse into chinese in the first place


[lang=en] hi! compudanzas is a research project exploring alternative modes of learning and creating computation.

we attempt to transition from a logic of productivity and efficiency, and circuits that destroy life, to dances, rituals, and other types of seemingly useless computers!

we move calmly, patiently, and with curiosity :)

thanks for hosting us, sunbeam city! :ecoanarchism_heart:


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Hello, I'm new and a little lost around here. I was asked to make an #introduction post so here I go: My name is Chris, I work as an documentary filmmaker and photographer in central america, mainly focused on social movements. I am also interested in all open source, Linux and cybersecurity stuff.

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