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Anyone else seeing this? I made a comment that included "" and got this from Facebook.

If you got any seeds you want to share with comrades in Chile I’ll forward you my friends contact

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ran across the Japanese artist Mirai Mizue just now and really love their work


A human-readable schema for specifying a relative location of near-by things with corresponding auto-generated plain text diagrams and a protocol handle called ‘real://‘

Also being discussed on HN

Hat tip to @minikomi for posting this on the fedi

I found this really weird lamp in the trash yesterday, I don’t know what I’ll do with it, since I don’t have a permanent place in Berlin, but I really like it. I’m not sure, but it looks like it was made for the top of a christmas tree

Found some colored pencils in the trash and was playing around with them today

I wish I had known about all these awesome things happening I would have attended!

Just a thought... if the Join Mastodon page is distributed, FB would have had a hard time filtering out posts promoting. A simpler stop gap measure is write a blog post and then link it post back to

What FB is doing is not surprising, it is a private walled garden and they can do what they want, but I am amused that it took too long to happen.

“They were inscribed by the term used here, and were said to be atoms or units of “vital solar energy”, derived from the sun, and the source of all life phenomena. All of this, from Oriental wisdom.”

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“Having gotten this off our mind, let us turn to the matter of the vitality globules, or spiritons. First of all, how do you see them and what do they look like? If you look toward a patch of blue sky, and have the sun behind you, and then focus your gaze in the air about 5-10 feet ahead in front of you, you will presently see a great number of translucent or whitish specks, all in rapid darting motion.” -The Round Robin, 1945

A series about a bunch of wannabe-crackers living in the Finnish countryside in the 1990's by @viznut, a decade in the making

Ok this shit getting weird. Haven’t talked to them more since I posted this thread and now just got this:

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@liaizon Hey, just wanted to let you know I re-enabled auto-linking of urls in the latest version (v0.11.1). It's limited to 2 per post like before, still plan on making that configurable!

► Hardware Backdoors news :
► Integrated Circuits backdoors news :
► Crypto-Anarchist Warning :

Wireless Charging Power Side-Channel Attacks.

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