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Added frequent words to the account info screen for moderators. So if someone is ranting about something, or repeatedly promoting something using the same words, you can get a gist about what their narrative might consist of.


I'm really in to polyarmory (everyone gets multiple weapons)

'whats your orientation?'
me? oh im an anarchist
'no i mean who do you like to fuck'
the state :)

hi, excited to be #onhere. she/they, uninvited on Lenape land.

here to hopefully connect w local comrades for organizing and supporting (plz say hi if this is you and you also wanna connect:)) shitposting all memes anarchy, anti state and anti capitalism. learning about mutual aid and community defense. talking about mental health, maybe including experiences w my bpd mom.

Felt the call to go for a walk on this windy summer's afternoon. I visited a nearby park, thinking that I might spot my first Laetiporus ('chicken of the woods') of the season. My intuition proved fruitful; I did indeed find the mushroom I was seeking.

Shortly thereafter I walked past an oak tree where I had previously met an owl. Sure enough, there was my feathered friend - enjoying a nap in the shade.

Wow don’t post a picture of you know who if your don’t want a bunch of randos getting all up in that shit arguing themselves into a frenzy

🎧️ ♏️ 📱 Co-Star and the Making of a Popular Astrology App
The Astrology Podcast ep. 286

Great interview with founder Banu Guler.

"a bug where the ascendant would go to your 12th house on Android"

Have you thought about offering a @tootapp lite for free? Toot! is by far the most usable interface to the fediverse and I have tried to get so many people to get into the fediverse. But half the time they don’t even have a working card on file with apple and can’t install payed apps at all. Just happened again tonight.

Does Parler really actually have more active users then the fediverse?!

Serious lol at Amazon kicking Parler off AWS. There is suddenly a serious tech war between the neoliberals and the right wingers. I hope they all go down in flames.

Please give my friend @Galaxy a warm welcome to the fediverse! 🌱🌱🌱

Hello! To be honest I’m not really good at #introductions but...

My name is Gala, I’m a 22 year old puerto rican mother who loves nature, art, learning, music and weird things. ​:_witchhat: ​​:anarchism:

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