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Live stream of two amazing sound acts, at the occasion of new release by 5-piece all-female noise group Kikimore. Warm up by Gašper Torkar. 20:00 CET at

I asked yall for suggestions on content for anticapitalist beginners and got a flood of recommendations but now I have to go through it all and make sure it’s agreeable to my world view before recommending a cirriculum to my friend who’s leaning a bit far to the $👍 side of the spectrum.

give up literal communication altogether, communicate soley with vibes

Are goth girls hot??????????????????????????

Sorry I really didn't notice I put so many question marks.

I couldn’t say no to a 1000watt lamp for free but it’s sooooo big where the fuck do I put it

Sometimes I fucking love the fedi so much. When I ask for help with a perplexing problem people go OUT OF THEIR WAY to try to solve it. I have never been in any part of the internet where people are so quick to help each other.

Curious what #Owncast is up to? I wrote up a little status of what the self-hosted live streaming + chat server has been working on, and what we could use some help with. Anything in there catch your eye that you'd like to be a part of? There's a lot of things going on, and we'd love to have you. Boost/share with your streaming and developer friends!

What are the new, small instances in the fedi that are beginning to show up on people's radars?

#AskFedi #Fediverse

Enjoy live streaming?
Prefer self-hosting?

Check out Owncast, a neat self-hosted live streaming server!

Opensource, written in #golang, easy to install & setup!

It's still fairly young, but looks super promising and already works amazingly well 😍



⏰REMINDER: #FreedomBox Conference Call
📅WHEN: Saturday, November 14 at 14:00 UTC
🤓WHO: #FreedomBox core team & YOU

HOW TO JOIN: Using a Mumble voice over IP application, connect to server <> using port 64738.


They actually believe in ethical/green capitalism and I have tried really hard to explain why I think that’s a trick and the wrong path but my words are coming off as critical to their world view so I think they just dismiss what I am saying. They need some “authority” in the subject to look to to understand why capitalism is a sinkhole of despair

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