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Announcing ActivityPub Conf 2020!

Following a successful inaugural conference in 2019, we have expanded APConf 2020 to a four day event that will occur entirely on line via Big Blue Button!

The CFP is open through July 8 at:

We invite proposals for birds of a feather topics and 30- 60 minute talks related to ActivityPub. Register online ( or feel free to email us with questions ( )

#apconf2020 #activitypubconf

Update: An effigy hanging from a tree was found just this morning at Lake Merritt in Oakland. CRC is asking for community support to patrol the area. Meet at old Merritt Bakery parking lot at 7am, 3pm or 11pm for eight hour shifts or whatever you can do. Spread the word.

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In response to a noose hung at Lake Merritt in Oakland, Community READY Corps will be patrolling the lake starting 7pm tonight, 24 hours a day through Sunday. Support needed. Call out for community defense formations.

I can’t recommend SponsorBlock enough. It’s making my YouTube experience much better. It’s FOSS and 100% crowdsourced as well.

The gender of the day is a suspicious comet.

People are using CryptPad to organize for a better future and it's essential that it works reliably. We spent the last few weeks preparing v3.19.0 (Thylacine) with many bug fixes and usability improvements. The full release notes are on GitHub: #privacy

‪my final update before the end of the campaign (~ 40 hours left). this one has a bunch of pictures of making Reform beta devices:

You gotta admit “trunk” would be a very on brand name for Mastodon’s default git branch

At this point, I no longer feel it is merely morally permissible to violate copyright, but rather one’s *moral duty* to subvert the vast majority of copyright. “Intellectual property” is a thoroughly disgusting Orwellianism.

We have entered a period where a samizdat underground is necessary to sustain the basic facets of civilization. And public education is a central pillar of the commonweal.

#Torrent every goddam thing.

What the fuck is a society? We have unlimited potential, fuck the old cancerous calcification that is currently holding the future hostage.

:bing: how wisdom teeth make you wiser

:bing: eat wisdom teeth to gain wisdom real wikihow

:bing: cheap wisdom teeth on line discount sale

:bing: you tube teeth removal tutorial quick painless secret

please watch this student film about the pressures and anxieties of white academia from a black queer perspective. it's fucking good

Just had a really weird misunderstanding about something because a single message was not delivered to me in a Signal group. And we checked the phone it came from and it says sent. So it just disappeared in the ether

if your at the #chaz be careful, 10 armed proud boys are at 11th and pine

Announcement time:

We now have our own Matrix homeserver, and it is running on #RockPro64 hardware just like the rest of our online infrastructure! All our discussion/support channels have been moved to it as their main address.

Did I also mention it's open for user registration? 😊

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