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@liaizon hey, thanks for reaching out!

I'm a python/systens dev, with a plethora of experience in automation/devops as well as web dev. Id like to find projects that sit somewhere between web technology and network integration.

Especially if something has to do with networking. I love geeking out on networking stuff. Or music software.

I also have a personal mission to help projects meet accessibility standards where i can.

#fluffychat Version 0.14.0 is out now and this is new:
- Implement image viewer
- Implement room pills
- New chat appBar showing presences and room avatars
- Implement well-known support
- Minor fixes, refactoring and performance improvements

F-Droid is already published here:

PlayStore and TestFlight will follow in the next days.


fucking hell untangling years of macOS use is such a headache

Do you know that you can add any RSS feed into briar?

"You can use Briar to read any blog or news site that publishes an #RSS feed. The articles are downloaded via #Tor to protect your privacy. You can reblog and comment on articles from RSS feeds, just like you can with blog posts."

curl -h 'Accept: application/activity+json'

If you've ever wondered how the #ActivityPub and #ActivityStreams protocols that power the #decentralisedWeb work, I'd highly recommend reading the w3 specs on these topics. They just fill me with excitement over how free of a web we could have. Its all very clean, simple and easy to implement, just like HTTP was or Gopher still is.

the degradation of memories through lossy fileformats

You can now get the alpha build from @IzzyOnDroid 's repo:

It's the same apk as in the GitHub releases, but it's a convenient way of getting the latest version until we get to a 1.0 release!

photo taken by me on 35mm film and developed in a dark room

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girlfriend for a few months in senior highschool, I don't remember much except they were mad at me for sitting on someone elses lap in the lounge and I think thats why we broke up

browser extension that lets u browse amazon then buy that stuff on a website that's not amazon

If the fileformat your app saves in isn't an open standard that is documented you should be ashamed of yourself

borrowing someones mac so I can disentangle all my old mac files. fucking Apple Garageband and shit with their proprietary package formats fuck off

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