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@manetta and I'm just seeing this now, are you going to do another one this looks fun

@adalbertsen had never heard of them before ended up listening to all their stuff last night

This panarama of a hill in Kazakhstan I took racked up 1/2 a million views on Google Maps

Crane Climate Center from the "Home of the Future"

We'll have totally sweet central air in 1986 (or so they thought in 1957)

Winner Manufacturing Company, Trenton NJ


If anyone wants to help me afford a laptop. Mine has officially died. I would appreciate it. I know this is not the ideal time to ask, but I use it to study and moderate SBC. (I'll mod from my phone for now).

it's amazing how just a little bit of repetition and structure can make something look more like "writing." asemic glyphs generated from curve-fit polylines with points sampled from a uniform distribution, on the right with an added baseline stroke, on the left without

just discovered the streaming site via a post by @gugod and am impressed by how much is there. New place to look for music!

Hey the self -isolation has given us time to work on our backlog. Here's part one of our interview with @sean

We talked decentralized, BBS, TI calculators and of course Demolition Man!

still doing my part by not purchasing anything on #amazon, but with the stay-at-home orders and quarantine, i’m starting to feel the urge to home-deliver. almost to 9 months. i’ll be exploring other options though.

Shutout to @hypolite and @nasser for being real humans in the midst of my short time in NYC this past month.

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