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A couple of statrups came to see me, asking me if I'd be interested in using their services. Right before they'd pitch it I'd interrupt with "Is it designed to be offline first".

That was very effective.

just came across 's 404 pages looking for something and thought the might enjoy

if your new here: Pawoo is the largest fediverse instance and its based in Japan...

The problem about the current state of hashtags in the fediverse is that users have a fragmented view on posts, depending on their instance. Some posts containing a hashtag never reach your own instance, so you won't see it. This is bad for decentralisation and coordination.

I plan to throw some additional P2P stuff at the fediverse: All instances are distributing the responsibility for relaying or storing posts (just their IDs) among themselves using a Distributed Hash Table. ->

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And cause falling asleep then I wanted to give that
#thankyou to @mlemweb because it was just utter fun to work with here and to both [ also to Her Majesty @cwebber ] for being friends and therefore also to @emacsen and @how and you know. And to @markm , all volunteers, talkers and

Applause, Applause, Applause !!! (!) – videos, photos soon.

there is a new peertube instance at which has unlimited uploads and "no censorship"

wondering if we will start seeing more big pirate sites join the fediverse. the future is gonna be interesting.

instagram filter that removes your face and just shows sand dunes and rubble

#DashFE weekly digest.

What's new this week with Dashboard FE:
>Paste-uploads, but it works only in Firefox-related browsers for now.
>Fixed an important login bug reported by @kura, if you previously tried to login without luck try to do it again.
>Quickreplies in the notification area. Click on the "compose" button and you will be able to quickly reply to a mention or a post.
>Displays of replies with multiple images in thread view mode.
>Postform toolbar buttons to do some basic text formatting with markdown
>Linkified mentions
>Button to access bookmarked posts (a Pleroma-only feature), next update will add a button to bookmark posts.
>Various stylistic changes

Left to do:
>Post bookmark button
>Emoji and followers autocomplete
>Filtered words
>Button to mute/block
>Reply linkbacks in reply view mode
>Account details on USER timeline
>Profile Management (change avatar, header, username, etc.)
>More things probably
>Support for lists

Code when:
Not yet

New url!

My forever-bro @karolat was kind enough to let me use the VM where was hosted before the migration. This allowed me to test DashFE on a "real life" production server and see if there were some bugs or stuff that had to be corrected. Corrections were made and it should work nicely in any kind of server (when the code is provided).

This week will most definitely spend the time optimizing and securing the programming logic of the project, and add a couple more features. As always if you have suggestions or bug reports feel free to let me know about them via here :blobthumbsup:

Tagging interested parties:
@Dolus @Feuerfuchs @Loki @alexa @dielan @dirb @nerthos @orekix @wysteria @zemichi @chazcon
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I feel SO SEEN by this recent dinosaur comic.

(Way too much text to transcribe, sorry!)


app on iOS is having a hard time loading anything. I wonder if their infrastructure will hold up to 300k people checking to see if 21$ worth of showed up.

Using the internet with only mobile data sucks. It results in me self censuring the links I click on and not listening to any streaming music which is not fun.

I would like to make a #Serbian #Fediverse instance. I would like to use Friendica as I would like it to be an all purpose platform. However, Friendica does not have a translation into Serbian at all. So I guess I have two options:

- Gather a translation team to translate the whole interface and sent it to Friendica as per their normal procedures, or
- Use another Fediverse application which already has a mostly complete Serbian interface

This instance will be for people who use Facebook and other social networks often, and I want them to see it as feature complete (to the point that it is very useful for them) and fits their needs well, but also is for Serbians in particular, while giving them communication to the rest of the world via federation.

just noticed Pawoo Music ( was shutdown

rest in peace to my account there: @wakest

ok we are reforming and fleamarketing NOW in cityLAB berlin, platz der luftbrücke 4, come over!

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