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It is with a big pleasure and a sort of relief that I announce you the release of "Salut à Toi" v0.7.0 (La Commune).

Salut à Toi is a libre and decentralized communication ecosystem/

The release announce is to be read there:

#salutatoi #decentralization #xmpp #instant_messaging #OMEMO

I am posting this while connected to the mesh network while my laptop is being charged by solar panels on the roof of the abandoned NSA spy station Teufelsberg.

I'm at the Berlin #XMPP sprint, working on improving OMEMO support for Converse.js.

There are over 20 people here and we're testing OMEMO encryption interoperability across 12 different clients.

* ActivityPub Conference 2019 * Speakers announced

Just making a page - see the schedule

#activitypub #fediverse #apconf

We need your help! Material to repair tents and mattresses can be quite expensive. Do you have some spare patches lying around? Please consider donating them to our project :) Add a line to the table on our project page in that case: Thanks!

anyway to proxy my internet through *google*? at this cafe again that most websites will not load but google loads fine.

mastodon . social has a spam problem. Getting porn follow spam from them.

gab is already recommending 8chan join the fediverse. get ready yall, another wave is coming...

this was a strikingly great presentation.

The Humane Representation of Thought by Bret Victor

Parents: are your kids exchanging vi keymaps?

wtf: one word forward, then to the first 'f'

LOL: insert a new line with a single 'L' just above bottom of screen.

fml: move to one character past the next 'm'

tbh: move to two characters before the next 'b'

dtf: delete to 'f'


Norwegian woman Ayla Kirstine developed an unusual skill — running and jumping like a horse because of her love for horses. Love takes so many wondrous forms👇

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