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yay I didn't know about F11 on ubuntu and now I do. I prefer fullscreen everything...

j/k navigation keyboard shortcuts don't work on the single column layout on mastodon. (in firefox/ubuntu)

Day 1 in Berlin. Washed my clothes last night and fell asleep before I got a chance to hang them. This morning I took them out of the washer and smelled them to see if they got musty but they smelled like grapefruit! I hung them out on the balcony. Grateful to my friend Klaas who let me land here and is letting me stay for the first week. I am glad to be in Berlin!

Wow I got to see Condor Air’s racist safety video.

Just another 24 hours before I arrive where I am headed. There are so many chilldren on this plane.

Anyone remember the name of the cafe in berlin run by a member?

Headed to Berlin and have no plans for the coming months. I just knew I wanted to be there. I want to get involved in the hacker spaces and eat all the falafel and read books in the parks.

I wish someone would have invited Nasime Sabz to the fediverse before they went blazing into youtube death.

Currently at the new orleans airport headed to !

I fell asleep last night reading about Mencius Moldbug and had weird ass dreams

uspol, #bookstoresagainstborders, action in response to/against 4th of July 

The square registers at all the cafes here have the default tip amount of 1$, 2$ and 3$ but if I buy an already brewed house coffee for 2$ I dont want to pay a 50% tip, thats insane. I could manually type in by clicking ‘other’ but then they are staying at me and seeing I dont just click the already existing buttons. I dont have a job right now so I am not feeling bad not tipping for a coffee that doesnt take the barista anytime to make. If I were ordering lattes I would def always tip.

>i enter a former 7-eleven with an "Amazon Basics" tarp over the sign
>just gonna buy a bag of chips and a USB 4.43+ Gen E cord and charger, in and out
>i hand my $14.49 to the cashier
>"oh, sorry sir, we don't take that"
>"that's fine i have my cr-"
>"didn't you get your Libra Clip like everyone else?"
>"n-no, look can i just-"
>a facebook drone with a luminescent smiley face bursts from under the cash register
>it attaches to my head and attempts to puncture my ear
>i bash my head against the counter and manage to decouple it
>make a fucking run for it
>a Boston Dynamics drone painted Amazon orange blindsides me from outside the exit, restrains me as the drone flies out the door and approaches me again
>i scream as a Libra Clip is bolted into my right ear
>"welcome to the global currency"

"Ability to place rampant tyrannosaurus"

translation 's issue tracker into english is fun

had never heard of but it looks like its another anti semite hive. don't people have better things to do than be racist online?

I'm going to become a conconlanger and just come up with fictional grammar terminology.

what the fuck are they tracking? duolingo chill out on the trackers!

German: GNU-Bildbearbeitungsprogramm

GBildBear? GBBBS? I don't know how acronyms work in German.

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