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when you make eye contact with someone while your walking down the street and you both smile at eachother then then look back after a safe distance and they also look back

WTF NYT Sunday edition
front page with Contrapoints screengrab next to milo and jp with the word extremist next to it.

Been exploring this network for all of 30min and I have learned one thing.

There is a direct correlation between coding and a strong affinity to cats.

I'm sure this is old hat, but now I'm having chicken and egg questions about why the internet is so full of cat content.

“I fucked a polar bear but it wasn’t the same” is the equivalent to “I cant quit you”

is viper snake the brokeback mountain of the year? not sure yet only half way through?

#Ticketfrei 2 is released!

Ticketfrei is a mastodon/twitter/mail /telegram bot to dodge ticket controllers in public transport systems.

You can set up ticketfrei for your city at - reclaim your network!

I wrote a next article about connecting your IndieWeb site to the Fediverse, this time with @pfefferle 's totally rad WordPress ActivityPub plugin:

#IndieWeb #Fediverse

Whaa, I did not know that @aaronpk has written a generic ActivityPub Laravel service for websites to use.  Nice.

I need to either:

move all of my stuff into storage and buy a ticket to europe asap


rent an apartment in nola and stay put for for the summer


somehow convince the house where my school bus lives to let me live there in the bus


find a new place for my bus to live that also has power and safety and a bathroom situation I can use

I need some new interesting folks to follow. way too many of you talk about video games and mainstream humor and I am bored

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