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Was just reading about smart cards / sim cards /credit cards after watching this video

I had no idea there was a micro controller inside with code and files and 'apps'

I am not sure what I thought was inside a sim card. I guess I hadn't thought about it.

I guess they mostly consist of a 64K EEPROM chip. is still designed like a website from the 90s. in the bad way.

It's really surprising to me that there are still no non-profit alternatives to Uber and Lyft.

I would love to see somebody start a non-profit org and make an open source app for ride sharing.

I had more interactions here on the fedi when there were only a few thousand of us...

Libram Social (on iOS) finally added attribution that its a fork of . Glad to see that get pushed through. (This is posted from it btw)

Going to Europe soon and need to buy tickets. Looks like the cheapest way I have seen so far is a 173$ ticket from NYC to Dublin and then a 70$ ticket a few days later to Berlin. I feel like an idiot for not buying the tickets direct from New Orleans to Berlin I saw a few months ago for 180$

Lisgtening to this album by Raymond Scott I just discovered! Really good early electronic music!

Manhattan Research, Inc.

@dwaltiz funny thing, i have a halfway completed diaspora federation module ;)

@mariusor @jalcine haven't gotten too far with the implementation yet, but here's the spec I wrote up for them:

Reading 100 pages of Marxist theory immediately before arriving in Vegas is coloring my experience lol

Installed Qutebrowser and I am liking it a lot! Hell yeah keybindings galore!

@Ocean @sn0w One thing I learned, to my displeasure, from this episode is that "Normandy" (the thing they're using to push the fix to those who don't have studies turned on) exists, is turned on by default, and is not turned off by turning off "studies," telemetry, or by using a build with telemetry removed. The fact that it shares a name with a famous *invasion* is icing on the shitcake.

My favourite answer to "Vaccines cause autism" is "Actually, autism causes vaccines"
Think I saw that here on the Fediverse, first.

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