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Is there a better term for "the real world" than "meatspace"?

"The real world" implies that our digital augmentations of it and the friends we make there are not "real".

and "meatspace" is just kinda silly.

Can anyone recommend a decent book on culture as class signifier? Especially if it goes deeper than just "LIKING OPERA AND WINE SHOWS THAT YOU'RE RICH" and actually explores how that kind of thing goes on in subcultures that are focused around consuming media (fandoms, music nerds, etc)

Inspired by @dansup 's PixelFed ads, I set out to make one of my own. And no, the music is not mine (it's I like Peanuts - Audionautix)

Polls will be coming soon to the next update of Mast. 📊

Zuckerberg explaining how useful federation is:

People want to be able to choose which service they use to communicate with people. However, today if you want to message people on Facebook you have to use Messenger, on Instagram you have to use Direct, and on WhatsApp you have to use WhatsApp. We want to give people a choice so they can reach their friends across these networks from whichever app they prefer."

reminder to refer to the collective network as "fedi" instead of "masto".

lots of new people joining, and lots of media attention about Mastodon, we dont want a github situation where an implementation is thought of as synonymous with the tech.

the best part of computers is people can do things how they want to, so its important to make people aware of the different options :lainhappy:

"...chance favors the prepared mind..."
- Louis Pasteur

There's a solarpunk collaborative podcast on dat and scuttlebutt!! It's called "The Local Gossip" here's the link for those who have Beaker Browser.


found this picture on a manufacturer website and I think it has meme template potential

tragic that we had to call it "adulting" because "adultery" was already taken for something much more fun

@neauoire I think you might enjoy this album, though it may be a little abstract

@liaizon @jalcine @zack @lightone @Mastodon It's a PostgreSQL full-text search on an index composed of the username, domain and display name. It's a little bit of a black box, but we also use "am I following this account" as a tie-breaker

Beware of people insisting on absence of ideology. They're either politically illiterate, a fucking historical negationist, or both.

Antifascism is an ideology. No one should insist on the absence of antifascism in our lives.

do you have set up as your only interface for your pleroma install? @will

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