please !

A storm fucked up their house last year and they are still just trying to get it rebuilt. if 100 people here sent 10$ we would have this done in a day!

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🔥🖤 ! 🖤🔥
Momodou (@Sbarry8520) is collecting 1000$ euros to finish building a house for their family. There was a successful fundraiser on the last year for the first part of the process.

If you are able and willing to send any amount to my venmo @wakest or paypal with the comment Momodou and I will compile it all together and do the work to convert it into Gambian Dalasis (also happy to take any other type of currency/crypto/whatever)

Lets help a comrade!

If you got any seeds you want to share with comrades in Chile I’ll forward you my friends contact

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Wohooo we made it to 12k! This is fucking Don’t stop now! Let’s get it to 15k! Boosts appreciated!

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We are almost 1/3 of the way to our goal! Please donate if you can! If not please boost the fuck out of this link

This is :ancomheart:

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Please boost this! She has gone through so many fucked up things recently all we want to do is help give her a hand up.

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A group of friends and I have been trying to help this woman in New Orleans keep her home. If you can spare any $ I would super appreciate it. The only thing we have is each other.

La madre joven tiene que alquilar una habitación para salir de una situación peligrosa. Necesitamos 300$ lo antes posible para alquilarle una habitación en Puerto Rico. Esto es . Por favor envíe algunos dólares a mi Venmo @ wakest o PayPal

¡Gracias! ¡Boost, por favor!

Young mother needs to rent a room to get out of an dangerous situation. We need like 300$ ASAP to rent her a room in Puerto Rico. This is . Please send some dollars to my Venmo @ wakest or PayPal

Thank you! Please boost!