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@eris made some new ears for a nice plugin that adds stuff to your avatar. It even works with remote accounts (on their local representation) I honestly think that weird features like these are what seriously differentiates the from any of its "mainstream counterparts" cause little experiments like this even have the possibility to happen. (this started as misskey feature but I think its great to see it implemented in other parts of the fedi)

@Castopod just did a demo of how their / software is coming and its really coming along. (sorry for the no agenda link but thats where they uploaded it)

Any active users of here on the ? Been trying it out more seriously and am curious how people are integrating it into a daily workflow.

Great to see a new influx of folks to the . Welcome all! The and tags are quite active rn! Remember that depending on instance people are signing up on you might not see anyone posting under those tags if the posts haven't been interacted with by anyone on your instance. So go check and boost new introductions to your community so new folks have some visibility!

Oh fuck yeah is adding and joining the ! Thank you @NGIZero for your support of community infrastructure!

Just came across a pretty insane piece of history while perusing Wikipedia. Evan Prodromou's father co-founded Poqet PC. Evan is the father of the for anyone who doesn't know his name.

Been playing with and just discovered there is an instance at with this lovely custom logo. I am @wakest if you wanna follow me from here. Its interesting watching a totally different type of social thing being built on the with

Please welcome my father @memexikon to the . I have been trying to get him to come back here for a while now and the biggest reason he didn’t was that he wasn’t getting enough interaction here.

has anyone made a feature comparison chart for fediverse clients?

anyone figure out who is behind the Alice Nuar accounts hitting the ?

I just signed up for a federated wiki! currently testing at at @wakest. Thanks @NGIZero for supporting the fediverse and making cool stuff like this a bit more financially viable for folks to spend their time working on.

is anyone working on bringing back from the dead? Is anyone in contact with @href after all their accounts here went dead?

@rra @lightone @Moon tagging some people I remember talking to about this a few months ago

Please give my friend @Galaxy a follow! They are a sweetheart and I want to get them all settled in here on the

Anyone who joined the especially for this celebration? Do we have anyone to welcome?!

It’s the internet so fuck it, here’s a picture of me for this is my AFK look!

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